Conversation AI for Onboarding: How Bots Could Make Transition Easier for New Employees

Conversation AI for Onboarding: How Bots Could Make Transition Easier for New Employees featured image

Conversational AI could help new employees through the Onboarding process, and in turn, make life easier for your HR staff. Ideally, Conversational AI would guide an employee through their initial days, help connect them with the right people, and utilize the right systems. This technology, often called chatbots, has been making its way into HCM software like SAP SuccessFactors in recent years.

How would Conversational AI improve the Onboarding process? SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding already provides self-service, but the idea is to help employees quickly connect to the right people and systems.

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An Example of Onboarding with Conversational AI

When an employee is first hired at a company, they often don’t know where to address basic questions. That means the HR representative ends up as a middle person, connecting them to the right resources. For example, a new employee may need help setting up a laptop but not know who to e-mail.

With conversational AI, an employee could ask a question similar to how they speak to Amazon Alexa or Siri. They might ask, “I have a problem with my laptop; who can I talk with?” The bot would then pull up the contact details of the correct contact or raise a ticket if the right person can’t be identified.

Similarly, Conversational AI for Onboarding might help the employee navigate their new organization and get introduced to the right people. The bot could pull profile pictures, names, and contact details for key people they should meet in their first week. This includes HR business partners, team members, IT, department heads, and more.

Navigating Your Technology Stack with the Help of Bots 

One of the most challenging things for an employee at a new company is navigating all the tools and systems available. Conversational AI could help link the employee to other systems beyond the HRIS, such as the company intranet or learning management system.

For managers, a bot could link them to analytics KPI dashboards to retrieve key information or answer questions to help the manager get up to speed on the performance of their specific team or the organization as a whole.

Conversational AI is Here, Can You Take Advantage? 

We are already using bots in many areas of our lives, and we’ve seen them come into our work lives as well. There could be real benefits to Conversational AI for SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding and beyond, making life easier for both HR and the employee. 

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