Unifying and Analyzing Employee Data to Manage Risk and Promote Wellness

Unifying and Analyzing Employee Data to Manage Risk and Promote Wellness featured image

Human Resources departments are typically near full-capacity during your normal business operations—they stretch to the limits during crisis events. Keeping employees safe and managing risk, while still maintaining a business is a problem that has typically fallen on HR to solve, at the very least, in part.   

As the world looks to return to places of work during the COVID-19 pandemic, HR will have to provide valuable information on how a move toward “business as usual” will impact employee wellness.  

If your organization is utilizing a sophisticated HR platform such as SAP SuccessFactors, then it’s likely you will be collecting data that will be extremely useful in managing risk to employees and business operations. The problem for many HR professionals is that they might not have the time or resources to analyze that data to contribute to critical decision-making effectively.  

Find the Right Tool to Help Manage Risk 

Tools like Rizing Lyra can help with this analysis. Lyra is an analytics solution that brings together relevant employee information from multiple sources, including SAP SuccessFactors and beyond. Recently, we have updated Lyra’s capabilities to include the ability to overlay and integrate employ demographics, position, and location information with COVID-19 geographic infection data.  

Combining this data into a single view allows you to establish risk profiles for individual employees, as well as critical positions or functions. Those risk profiles can be used to minimize employee exposure by identifying the job functions and areas in which they are most likely to be infected.  

You can see how Lyra works to unify employee data and provides a user-friendly interface for analysis in the video below, starting at about 50 seconds:  

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More on Managing Risk and Ensuring Employee Wellness 

Learn more about how Lyra can help your company get back to work in our upcoming webinar: Integrating HCM and COVID-19 Data to Manage Risk, Business Continuity and Employee Wellness on June 4 at 1 pm ET. In that webinar, we will provide insight into using Lyra for HR data analytics, including use cases directly from our customers. Additionally, Rizing is offering free configurations for tracking employee COVID-19 data and creating staffing talent pools for currently inactive employees.

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