Harnessing the Latest HR Technologies for Small and Medium Enterprise in ANZ

Harnessing the Latest HR Technologies for Small and Medium Enterprise in ANZ featured image

Discover the game changing Cloud HR & Payroll solution built for ANZ SMEs, verified by SAP

The launch of Rizing’s Synchrony People and Payroll – SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solutions – are proving to be a game-changer for the Cloud HR and Payroll SME landscape in ANZ. Traditionally, ANZ SMEs have been restricted in their choice of available integrated HRM solutions; with most providing  basic and limited Cloud HR and Payroll functionality, resulting in many SMEs experiencing frustration and incremental costs as their needs change and their organisations grow in size and complexity.

Being an ANZ SME no longer limits access to enterprise-grade technology or industry best practice. Rizing is enabling the leading Human Resource Management (HRM) solution, SAP SuccessFactors, to be available out-of-the-box and deployable in weeks.With a scalable and future-proof solution in place, innovation and expansion become exponentially easier.

Join Marc Havercroft, Global Chief Customer Officer, SAP SuccessFactors, to explore the challenges currently facing Australia and New Zealand’s Small and Medium Enterprise landscape, and the role HR leadership plays in driving business success through digital transformation. Plus, hear from the experts at Rizing on how ANZ SMEs and succeeding with SAP SuccessFactors.

  • Challenges effecting ANZ SMEs
  • Connecting HR Strategies to bottom line outcomes
  • Introduction to Rizing’s Synchrony People and Payroll SAP Verified package solutions – built for ANZ SMEs
  • Customer success stories

Featured Speaker

Mark Havercroft

Global Chief Customer Officer
SAP SuccessFactors

A member of the global leadership team for SAP SuccessFactors, Marc is responsible for the comprehensive corporate and customer strategy at the highest levels of the company to maximise customer acquisition, retention, and growth. Marc is equally accountable to drive digital transformation and business model innovation, efficient operations and sales, people and product strategies to support the growth of the business. responsible for revenue growth, market penetration and share.

Marc is a Certified Fellow of the AHRI, CIPD and a member of the AHRI Council & Technology Advisory board, based out of Sydney, Australia and San Francisco, USA, He operates across the globe for SAP.