How Rizing Uses SAP Concur to Streamline Expense Management in the APAC Region

How Rizing Uses SAP Concur to Streamline Expense Management in the APAC Region featured image

Expense management is important for any company. In the Professional Services industry, it has historically been vitally important. Working with a manual expenses process may work when a company first starts, but those manual tasks take up more and more time as it grows. That is the position in which Rizing found itself, as it grew to more than 200 employees in the APAC region, and that’s why it has worked with SAP Concur to help automate and streamline its expense management workflow.  

Before deciding to go with SAP’s Concur Travel and Expense solution, Rizing ran a very manual expense management process that was very spreadsheet heavy and driven by local data. E-mails needed to be exchanged, and there was no centralized location where expense data could be managed.  

This manual process led to challenges, and sometimes reimbursements were delayed. Additionally, there was a lack of a common expense data source across finance and human resource departments. Finally, given that Rizing consultants travel around the APAC region between many countries, there were difficulties managing multi-currency claims, which impacted the bottom line for projects that crossed borders.  

Getting expenses right was essential, not just internally, but for customers as well. Rizing wants to be able to reimburse quickly to keep employees happy and report on those expenses to the right stakeholders quickly and accurately. That is where SAP Concur came in to help. 

Why Rizing Chose SAP Concur

Rizing found Concur Travel & Expense could address all its challenges when looking at travel and expense management tools. With better tracking, a user-friendly interface, and more visibility, it offered the chance to not only meet current expense management needs but scalability as Rizing grew.  

The full expense automation that Concur offers cuts downtime and effort through the claim-to-reimbursement process. Employees can easily track expenses in the app, take pictures of receipts, and submit receipts with their phones. There are even certain travel-based companies that automatically send receipts to Concur.  

Once that information is in the cloud-based application, it is easily viewable and trackable by approvers. The data is then tied to the employee and project automatically for easy data analysis.  

Finally, multi-country projects become easier because the Concur tool allows for policies adapted to multi-jurisdictional and currency requirements.   

The Benefits Travel and Expense Transformation at Rizing

The metric that stands out most for Rizing is the time spent on expense management since adopting Concur Travel & Expense. Per employee, Rizing is saving a whopping four hours per week on claims processing. With 200 employees, many of which traditionally submit expenses weekly, that is a dramatic impact.  

Additionally, Concur allows for claims to be processed quickly, within the same month. Employees get their money back faster, and finance can close the books sooner. More broadly, Rizing has greater visibility and control over expenses and improved flexibility in adapting travel and HR policies to ensure employee safety in situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Now that Rizing knows what Concur can do at its own organization, it is offering to help APAC customers implement it at their organizations.  

“We were impressed with how well SAP Concur solutions worked for us, so it was only natural that we would want to offer it tour customers as well,” said Mike Ellis, President of Rizing HCM, APAC. 

Rizing has signed a partnership agreement to offer SAP Concur products in the APAC region. To hear more about Concur Travel & Expense from employees that use it every month, contact Rizing. To see more about how Rizing uses Concur, check out SAP’s own case study.