How SAP Jam Facilitates HR Transformation

As the workplace changes with more remote employees and an increasing number of roles filled by contingent or contract labor, HR must undergo a transformation to meet the needs of that changing workforce. Collaboration tools like SAP Jam can help facilitate that transition more smoothly.

Paul Rose, Rizing HCM Service Director, discussed the changing HR landscape and how SAP Jam helps companies handle that transformation in a recent video for The Business Transformation Network.

SAP Jam Enables Self-Service

“What SAP Jam is very effective at is that change management piece,” said Rose in the video. “SAP Jam has the ability to ensure that all relevant materials around the technology—all learning courses, all recruitment material for candidates that is relevant—can be all stored in that platform.”

Having that information easily accessible can take the pressure off HR operations and HR shared services by enabling manager self-service and employee self-service, Rose explains. With mobile capabilities, employees will be even more willing to find this information instead of immediately going to HR for what they need.

The Future of HR—Impacting the Bottom Line

While HR isn’t traditionally looked upon as an innovation space inside an organization, Rose says HR is now expected to play more of a role in impacting the company’s revenues and profits.

He provides one example of a retail customer he has worked with in the past that utilized SAP Jam’s collaborative capabilities to put a call out to employees for ideas that might save the company money. Through this, one employee submitted an idea for bundling products that resulted in a 16 percent profit increase for a store.

That’s the product of HR and managers enabling employees through self-service, something SAP Jam, as well as the rest of the user-friendly solutions in the SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass suites, can help facilitate.

With a rapidly changing workforce, it will be essential for companies to have technologies such as SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Fieldglass, and SAP Jam that empower employees from all labor sources. After all, who knows where that next great idea may originate?

Be sure to watch the whole video with Paul Rose on The Business Transformation Network Website, and Contact us for more on how SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass can facilitate your HR transformation.