HR is Key to a Transforming Utilities Industry

The Utilities industry is transforming in many ways. Energy sources are changing, with an increase in renewable resources such as wind and solar, and a decrease in certain fossil fuels such as coal. There’s also changes in technology, moving to smart meters and smart grids, as well as sensor-based predictive maintenance.

Beyond all that, the people in the industry are due for a transformation as well. The workforce in utilities is aging, and many key employees will be retiring soon. Years of knowledge and experience will be going with them, and it will be vital for utilities to not only recruit replacements, but make sure they are trained as well.

At the recent SAP for Utilities conference in San Antonio, Texas, I spoke with one customer who said more than 60 percent of their employees would be reaching retirement age in the next five years. That puts the onus on human resources to find the right people for the work and ensure that the employee experiences fit a new generation of utilities workers.

Check out more of my thoughts in the video below from SAP for Utilities:

Using SAP SuccessFactors to Address the Utilities Talent Transition

A key piece to providing that new, consumer-based experience is a user-friendly Human Capital Management technology platform like SAP SuccessFactors. That can provide tools for recruiting and recruiting marketing that will reach potential applicants where they are and provide an application and interview process that meets their expectations.

SuccessFactors also provides training and onboarding—those new utilities employees will need to catch up on the decades of experience from that retiring staff, as well as stay up-to-date on the transformation that is happening across the industry.

Our customer Hydro Québec approached the challenge of training employees by implementing SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS), bolstered by Rizing HCM LMS Planner—a tool that helps managers and trainers track training needs and available content. This has enabled Hydro Québec to react quickly to learning demands and advanced operational needs.

Read more on Hydro Québec’s LMS project here

Utilities is a strategic industry for Rizing HCM, and we can help guide you through this transformation happening in the industry to ensure you have the right technology experience to attract, train, and retain the top talent.