How /N SPRO’s Summer Internship Cultivates Young Talent

At /N SPRO, we believe that building an elite SAP consultancy requires more than hiring existing talent on the market, it also requires cultivating new experts in-house. That is the motivation behind our summer internship programs, where we bring on university students to learn our business and provide fresh perspective.

One of /N SPRO’s internship programs works directly with the School of Management Sciences at the University of Quebec in Montreal, offering students on the program management track a chance for real-life experience.

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A Diverse Internship Experience

Eloise Legault, /N SPRO, internship, recruiting, careers
Eloise Legault, rockstar intern turned full-time /N SPRO Project Control Officer.

The summer of 2017 was the initial run of this internship program, and through that Eloise Legault became the first intern ever to work for /N SPRO. She fielded several internship offers, but we stood out.

“At the beginning of my internship application process, I was open. I wanted to work for an IT services organization, and I didn’t care which one,” says Legault. “But when I went to interview with /N SPRO, the feeling I got was different. I fell in love with the company.”

Legault was particularly fond of our young and dynamic staff, and of our open culture. At /N SPRO, we value good ideas no matter where they come from—even from a summer intern. It wasn’t long before Legault took advantage of that culture to make an immediate impact.

Initially, she was given some basic tasks to get started—working with Excel spreadsheets and doing data analysis. However, Legault soon impressed us by creating her own tool to completely automate a data analysis process that was once manual.  After that, her duties expanded rapidly. She was put in charge of creating a new budget tool, providing financial analysis forecasts for senior management, and even placed as a project control officer (PCO) on several projects.

“All my strengths were optimized, and I loved my work,” says Legault. “It was also encouraging to receive positive feedback from senior leadership.”

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Turning an Internship Into a Career

Legault enjoyed her internship so much—and we so enjoyed having her—that she is now a full-time PCO at /N SPRO. The company culture was a major factor for her in deciding to stick around for the long haul.

As a young professional straight out of graduate school and the proud mother of a two-year old son, Legault appreciates the flexible work schedules that we offer. There are also the fun things—beer Friday in the Montreal office and an annual corporate retreat to a tropical destination are highlights.

Perhaps the most important factor in staying with /N SPRO is the opportunity to grow—demonstrated by the wide range of tasks she took ownership of during her internship.

“/N SPRO really helps you evolve and keeps you happy in your role,” says Legault. “I know that here they are going to keep me challenged, let me try things and figure out where I want to go in my career.”

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