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How-to Cheat Sheets 

Handpicked collection of our most valuable e-books and articles designed to improve your talent acquisition strategies

Best Practice Video Pods

Created exclusively for this toolkit, a series of "bite-sized" videos covering best practices and innovations in recruiting

CRM Configuration Guide

A "do-it-yourself" guide to help manage your relationship with terminated employees until the are ready to be re-hired

Start where it feels right for you

Recruiting Strategies

Strategy in Action

Best Practices

Generating Value

Rebound quickly by bringing back lost talent

The Strategy of Least Resistance

A candidate relationship management (CRM) tool makes it easier to get the team back together after business turbulence affects staffing needs.

Overcome Today’s Challenges by Planning Ahead

Having strong recruiting strategies in place will help you to face today’s business context. However, why stop there when you can have sustainable strategy for long-term success?
DIY Guide for Candidate Relationship Management

If you use SAP SuccessFactors and need CRM functionality, this free configuration guide we created will get you up and running in one day or less.

Covid-19 CRM Configuration Guide

Re-hiring statistics you need to know

fifteen percent icon

of employees have been rehired by a former employer

of employees would consider going back to where they once worked

eighty five percent

of HR professionals have received applications from former staff

Take it a step further and expand your strategy

Ideas Today that Work Tomorrow

External events whether cyclical like economic recessions or "black-swans" like COVID-19 highlight the importance of having an agile people strategy.

Make Talent a Competitive Advantage

In the race for talent, you need to offer engaging and responsive recruitment experiences that not only attract candidates to your company but compel them to choose you over the competition.

Need Help with Recruiting?

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Once the team's back together, it's time for new recruits

First Impressions Matter

Let’s face it, it’s hard managing corporate and career sites. What are the differences? Which information goes where? Get the answers in just five minutes.

Your Cheatsheet to Attracting Top Talent

As you transform your talent acquistion strategies to reflect the expectations of an increasingly diverse workforce, use this ultimate checklist to reduce errors, save time, and stay on track.

"Candidates expect more than a list of jobs and contact information from your company's career page. Enforcing brand identity, crafting job postings as marketing opportunities, using pictures and video to tell stories, and personalizing the experience for applicants are all ways to make the most of your site."

Source: SHRM

Outreach starts with... reaching out

Make the First Move

Having a great strategy is just the start. But in order to attract top talent in today's market, you need to let candidates know that you're looking for them.

The Must-Haves You Need to Succeed

From easily posting jobs to allowing you to stay connected with candidates throughout the hiring process, technology is changing every aspect of recruitment. Are you equipped to succeed?

Now you have our secret sauce to recruiting. How will you make it your own?

Configuration Guide

Leverage our free configuration guide to CRM functionality easily to your SAP SuccessFactors recruiting modules.


If you use the SAP SuccessFactors recruiting modules, assess your current processes with our self evaluation.

Get Up and Running

Need a pre-packaged talent solution? Synchrony People can get you up and running in as little as 8 weeks.