Why Customers Benefit from Aasonn Joining /N SPRO Under Rizing HCM

Last week, Rizing, the parent company of /N SPRO and Vesta Partners, completed the acquisition of SAP ® SuccessFactors® Gold Partner Aasonn to bolster Rizing’s already flourishing HCM business. The combination of the two HCM practices is now the largest source of Professionally Certified SAP SuccessFactors consultants in the world—meaning our expertise among our industry counterparts is unmatched.

To find out how the /N SPRO and Aasonn combination will help customers, I spoke with the two people in charge—Luc Hédou, President of /N SPRO HCM and Bill Carroll, Aasonn CEO.

How does the joining of /N SPRO and Aasonn help us better service our customers, both existing and future?

Bill: From a high-level, Aasonn started out as a cloud-based service provider, while /N SPRO began more as on-premise but shifted to the cloud in 2012 when SAP acquired SuccessFactors. Over time, Aasonn has had to get into the on-premise world, so the two of us are coming at it from two different angles. We can now better serve the segment of clients who come from SAP HR on-premise through their transformation to cloud as /N SPRO speaks that language and are experts in the complex architectures such as Core Hybrid.

That’s what makes it better for our customers. There are very specific areas, where in the past, Aasonn would outsource work to third parties instead of addressing it directly. We needed a partner network, but the /N SPRO team helps fill in those capabilities.

Luc: Yes, and from /N SPRO’s perspective, Aasonn brings in-house capabilities that can cut our services cost in those areas by roughly half from outsourcing to third parties–a huge savings that can be passed on to our customers. That’s phenomenal.

Bill: There are benefits from a geographical perspective as well. We have people in the UK and Ireland, and Aasonn is based in the Chicago area with a great number of folks in the United States—much more focused there than /N SPRO was previously. The sheer number of people we now have means shorter travel, cheaper travel and makes life easier on our employees.

Luc: There’s also the breadth of options we can now provide for customers purely based on scale, including offshoring capabilities. Personally, I am very excited about further developing the European market by expanding on Aasonn’s success in the UK and Ireland.

And I have to reiterate again how proud I am that we now have the most Professionally Certified SAP SuccessFactors Consultants of any firm in the world which provides more options to our customers and SAP. Our combined skills and specialized industry offerings allows us to drive value for our customers.

How do you expect the two companies to integrate?

Bill: The beautiful part of the integration of the two companies is that there are far more complementary than redundant activities. When you look at straight geography, skillsets, and customer bases, there is not much overlap. That means customers on both sides are set to benefit.  I will be working directly for Mike Maiolo, CEO of Rizing, to ensure the integration goes smoothly while Luc will run the overall HCM business with former Aasonn personnel reporting up through the /N SPRO organization.

Luc: I’m getting positive feedback from everyone. Positive feedback from all the employees I’ve spoken with at Aasonn and positivity from the market in general. While we don’t have a lot of overlap in those areas that Bill mentioned, there are ways that we are very similar. /N SPRO and Aasonn both are passionate about quality for our customers, we both value our people, and we both like to have fun.

We will definitely be able to learn from each other and not only build a much bigger company, but a much better company overall for our customers.

The combined forces of /N SPRO and Aasonn are at SuccessConnect Berlin this week. Stop by booth S14 for SuccessFactors demos and more.