Rizing HCM’s Synchrony Global Acquisition Expands Access to Award-Winning SAP® SuccessFactors® Solutions

Last week, award-winning SAP® SuccessFactors® partner Synchrony Global became a part of Rizing HCM, extending our reach to the Asia Pacific region. This brings benefits to our customers in the form of global scalability, but there’s even more benefit when it comes to combining the services and solutions of the two organizations.

To get an idea as to how the combination of Rizing HCM and Synchrony will positively impact the SAP SuccessFactors ecosystem, I spoke with Luc Hédou, Rizing HCM CEO, and Darcy Lalonde, CEO of Synchrony who will now become the President of the Asia Pacific region for Rizing HCM. What follows is our lightly edited conversation.

With the connection to new territories across the globe for both Rizing HCM and Synchrony, how does that impact the services we can provide to our combined customers, and how does it benefit our customers overall? 

Luc: Prior to the acquisition, we already had 40% of the world’s Professional Certifications. Now we have even more, and we will be ensuring to push the mandate to lap the field even more. Remember, the Professional Certifications are SAP’s way to make sure that partners have the most experienced consultants based on real world implementation experience.

Darcy: Both Rizing and Synchrony are very passionate about the SAP SuccessFactors platform for HCM and believe that to unleash the power of this platform you must have adequately certified, experienced and trained consultants to truly get the business benefits expected by our customers. Clearly our organizations are driven by the people. We believe that by providing our team with the best in training, certifications and ultimately career development we will ensure that our happy people will create happy clients that have the highest quality solutions in the business. Our commitment to the appropriate certifications is also a true commitment to our platform of choice, SAP SuccessFactors, and we work closely with them to ensure that quality is priority one in the solutions we bring to market.

Luc: That shared belief in the power of employ development is important, but that’s not the end of how the merger serves the SAP SuccessFactors ecosystem. Bringing Synchrony into the Rizing HCM fold allows us to level capacity across regions to provide even more talent for our customers. We will also extending the Synchrony Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) contract in order for Rizing HCM to provide this offering across 42 countries.

Darcy: We are proud to extend our BPO offering across the globe. We have taken a market lead in integrating BPO and the SAP SuccessFactors ECP solution to the market and this has been a great success in the Asia Pacific market. Customers are thrilled to see that they can leverage the world’s leading HR and Payroll solution at a price point that drives a positive business case to any organization. We have been able to create an offering that brings the highest of quality to the market with a full managed service wrap that allows customers to leverage a global payroll platform from small enterprise to the largest multinationals.

Luc: It’s great that you brought up the flexible nature of your payroll services. We will be bringing those compelling payroll packages to North America and Europe, which will give us access to a whole new market where SAP’s payroll has been too expensive: The general business (GB) market, also known as small-and-medium enterprise.

Darcy: Our payroll packages are scalable and can be tailored to the needs of our customers. With the truly diverse markets in Asia Pacific, from Australia to developing nations like the Philippines, we have been able to create a bundled offering that can be quickly deployed using our templates, deployment accelerators and simplified methodologies that minimize the effort of the customer and is priced to fit the markets and segments. We bring the best practices and configuration from global, to regional to country, and then focus on the specific client needs to ensure we have a fully operational solution. This best practice in based on the many years of experience in deploying multi country payroll with SAP and can be tailored to any market.

Throughout the integrations of /N SPRO, Aasonn, and 3DResults into Rizing HCM, we’ve been able to take the best from each organization to build an even stronger combined entity. We know that Synchrony has won multiple SAP partner awards in recent years, so what can we expect Rizing HCM to incorporate from that award-winning pedigree?

Luc: There is no doubt that the relationship that Synchrony has built with SAP in the Asia Pacific region is the model to emulate. The quality work that they do, and the innovation has led to the organization putting together a pretty extensive trophy mantel. We can learn from what they have done and replicate it in North America. Rizing HCM has also been known as a quality vendor before bringing in Synchrony, however, we have to be better at beating the drum and making sure everyone is aware.

Darcy: If SAP SuccessFactors and the ecosystem have not heard that drumbeat, I’m sure it won’t be long. As we went through this M&A process with Rizing HCM it was very clear we shared a common passion and culture about what we do and who we do it with.

Like Luc and the Rizing HCM team, we have been working in the SAP ecosystem for more than 25 years and the reputation of Synchrony is that we believe fully that SAP SuccessFactors is the only platform for our customers. It is clear that our principles are aligned, and although Rizing HCM is one of the largest SAP SuccessFactors partners in the world, we have the leadership that truly believes that innovation and the ability to deliver quickly to the market. We look forward to building upon these great relationships with SAP and to see Rizing HCM as the leader in innovation and customer satisfaction.

For more on the Rizing HCM acquisition of Synchrony Global, read the press release. To stay up to date on Rizing HCM, Synchrony Global, along with news and analysis of SAP SuccessFactors, follow Rizing HCM on LinkedIn and visit rizinghcm.com