We Have Brought Rizing HCM Expertise to the SAP® Fieldglass Ecosystem

SAP® Fieldglass provides a software solution that helps companies manage their external workforce, including contingent workers such as; Contract/SOW Workers, Temporary Employees and Independent Consultants. Now, for the first time, SAP is opening up to select partners to utilize their expertise to help integrate Fieldglass solutions for an even broader range of customers.

With the growth of contingent labor globally, the line between internal and external workers is blurring. With the significant investment that companies are making in external employee management, there is a growing need for HR practices to ensure those investments are maximized, the program is compliant and the process efficient.

That’s where an experienced SAP® SuccessFactors® partner such as Rizing HCM can come in, bring a mix of best practices from the human resources world in with the external workforce world—things such as onboarding and training. That’s not all it takes to be an SAP Fieldglass partner—we’ve been bolstering our new SAP Fieldglass group with training and enablement for the past year.

Many of our trained SuccessFactors consultants now cross functional into SAP Fieldglass. We’ve also added talent too, with 15 years of global SAP Fieldglass experience on our team. Rizing HCM has also brought in Duane Butenschoen as our SAP Fieldglass Practice Director. He previously worked at SAP Fieldglass for nearly a decade, so he knows the software and he knows the business benefits.

It’s Rizing HCM’s experience that has SAP Fieldglass excited to open its doors to partners:

“It’s really connecting into that extensive experience that Rizing (HCM) has got,” says Lesleigh Seagram, SAP Fieldglass Global Alliances Director, in the video with Butenschoen  from SuccesConnect 2018 in Las Vegas below. “And building on that to not only look at internal HR capabilities, but how do we extend that capability to encompass and embrace Fieldglass—to tell that whole workforce story.”

The Total Workforce


The integration of SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass leads to Total Workforce Management (TWM). This is a concept of visualizing and managing your total internal and external workforce together, leveraging IT investments made with external digital applications and utilizing the best talent acquisition path for internal and external employees.

TWM allows an organization to holistically see their total combined workforce, manage the internal to external workforce balance, represent contractors easily in the organizational chart, utilize workforce analytics, leverage internal talent pools and comprehensively manage the global workforce.

At Rizing HCM, we can now help you combine the powers of SAP Fieldglass and SAP SuccessFactors to create Total Workforce Management within your organization.

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