SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 Recap: SAP Focuses on Employee Experience and Intelligent Enterprise

SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference is a time for SAP to discuss its biggest initiatives and latest innovations. At the 2019 edition of the event last week in Orlando, recently acquired Qualtrics and the Intelligent Enterprise were the two dominant topics, especially when it comes to the HCM and SAP SuccessFactors space.

Rizing HCM Senior Director Brenda Reyes was at the event, and her top observations included SAP’s announcing that it will be building a unified interface and launchpad for all of its applications, as well as three Qualtrics employee experience products that will be embedded into SuccessFactors. More from Brenda in the video below:


If you’d like to dig deeper into how SuccessFactors is integrating into the Intelligent Enterprise, and read more about the new Qualtrics products, check out our reports from SAPPHIRE NOW:

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Going Gaga

The conference ended with its typical big concert, and this year it featured the inimitable Lady Gaga. Before she took the stage, SAP and major event sponsors came out to recap the week, and our Adam Greenberg, Vice President of Upgrade2Success for Rizing HCM, heard some pretty big kudos for our company.

Of course, all of us who were lucky enough to be in attendance enjoyed the headliner as well. What will SAPPHIRE NOW do next year to top that?

Just the Beginning

SAPPHIRE NOW acts as a launching point for SAP, its partners, and its customers. The announcements and sessions are typically forward-thinking, with the latest and greatest being displayed.

The path to the Intelligent Enterprise, those newest technologies, and building the best employee experience is a journey that may only begin with a conference. Stay with us for more on the latest in SAP SuccessFactors and HCM throughout the year.