Add Value to SAP SuccessFactors with Rizing HCM Blueline

When managing specific customer requirements in an SAP SuccessFactors implementation, or ongoing support of the software, many customers resort to spreadsheets to keep track of configuration settings. To go along with those configuration settings, they are required to manually generate Workbooks that identify those configurations—and that is supposed to be done any time a change is made in the system. 

Keeping both the spreadsheet updated and creating the Workbooks can be a time-intensive and repetitive task for administrators. To help alleviate that workload, Rizing HCM Blueline provides a project and support interface that can manage custom Workbooks and Metadata Framework (MDF objects) and administer customer configurations in a single place.  

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Implementation tool

Additionally, Blueline automatically generates Workbooks for SAP SuccessFactors configurations and provides Workbook snapshots that allow you to view previous versions of a configuration.  

As changes are made, Blueline documents interface mappings with SAP SuccessFactors and external systems, and also provides visual indicators to any updated fields. There’s also a translate module that eliminates the need to maintain a separate translation workbook. This is all provided on a consumer-grade interface. Blueline is certified as build on the SAP Cloud Platformand sold on the SAP App Center.  

Implementing and Managing Your SAP SuccessFactors System 

If you are implementing SAP SuccessFactors, Blueline’s functionality is designed to get your project up and running faster and continue on more effectively. Blueline’s interface provides a structured approach that is supported by a library of pre-configured templates based on industry best practices and Rizing HCM experience.  

Within Blueline, administrators can tack and manage changes with electronic approval management, which allows for a complete audit trail. So, you can stay compliant while also staying agile. Additionally, XML will be automatically generated based on system configurations. 

Once you are live, your cloud journey continues, and proper management of your SAP SuccessFactors system can help you maximize your investment. To help with this, Blueline is integrated with SAP SuccessFactors quarterly releases, so that your configuration settings are always up-to-date.  

When making changes to the live system, Blueline also provides cross reference alerts that will notify responsible parties when a change impacts across modules. There is also version control so you can easily identify changes and authors of specific system configuration attributes.  

Finally, Blueline tracks all business requirements in a single place, instead of going hunting through emails or spreadsheets.  

Central Hub for SAP SuccessFactors Value 

With the ability to manage all changes and configurations made to your SAP SuccessFactors system, you and your administrators will save time while also maximizing the value of your initial project through accurate and automated documentation. As your cloud HCM journey continues, you’ll be able to capitalize on the latest updates to the system while also keeping a keen eye on how changes impact your team.

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