How Sephora Successfully Completed Their First Global HR Project with Rizing

I’ve been managing enterprise software projects for 15 years and I am extremely pleased to say our recent SAP SuccessFactors go-live with cosmetic retail leader Sephora was the smoothest transition to production I have ever seen.

The Rizing team has been highly proactive and efficient in managing the customer and project escalations. As a result, the customer is super happy with the results and even more with the process.

What was our recipe for success?

The Project Leads managed the customer as real Trusted Advisors. They didn’t say yes to everything the customer asked. Instead, they listened actively, challenged objectively and coached Sephora along the way. The Leads also leveraged the power of the team and delegated. Why’d that work so well? Because the team stepped up to the challenge. For example, this the first project I’ve been on where an architect is brought on and spends an average of 10 hours a month after the discovery phase (thanks JP!).

The team frequently communicated to ensure alignment—both internally and with the customer, choosing to communicate more rather than less. The team also kept a positive and professional attitude throughout the project, always with their eyes on the ball.

Sephora’s View

Of course, this is how we feel about our work with Sephora, but how did the project go on the customer’s end? Thomas Morabito, Sephora Global HRIS Director, gave me this feedback and context:

“Sephora is now a Global company, having experienced a tremendous growth in the last years, but still being very local in its organization. This HR transformation initiative for Sephora was our first Global HR project, and to be honest our first truly global project, and it was quite an undertaking for the organization. For me it was hugely beneficial to be able to rely on /N SPRO consultants to ensure we delivered as one team. Thanks to their experience, their flexibility and their capability to federate people from Milan, Paris, San Francisco or Singapore, they have gone over and above to ensure we were successful and have been a key partner to our success on this first implementation of our HR transformation journey.”

Why the Project Worked

Sephora was diligent—they tested our work every step along the way. That only confirmed the quality of our delivery on an ongoing basis.

Finally, this truly was a group effort, everyone stepped up when needed—including 13 consultants who volunteered to push the project past the finish line. This type of dedication, and attention to quality is in our DNA.

We look forward to continuing the work with Sephora with our managed services to ensure the success of this project goes well beyond the go-live.

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