SAP SuccessFactors H2 2020 Release Analysis: Onboarding

SAP SuccessFactors H2 2020 Release Analysis: Onboarding featured image

The SAP SuccessFactors H2 2020 Onboarding release is now in preview. According to the SAP SuccessFactors 2020 release schedule, the second-half update will go into production on November 20. We have broken down the major updates to help you get ramped up for the latest in SuccessFactors Onboarding.

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Additionally, we hosted a LinkedIn Live with our in-house experts to discuss the SuccessFactors H2 2020 Onboarding release.

Now that the SAP SuccessFactors releases are bi-annual instead of quarterly, they tend to be fairly sizeable with many added features. Let’s look at the major enhancements for H2 2020 in SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0, now just called “Onboarding”, and Onboarding 1.0. Full information regarding the release information within this blog can be viewed within the SAP SuccessFactors What’s New Tool (filtered to H2 2020 Software Version).

SuccessFactors H2 2020 Onboarding 2.0 Specific Updates

US Compliance Updates in Onboarding 2.0

  1. Compliance forms for the United States of America are now available in Onboarding {2.0}. These include:

This is a major feature of Onboarding 1.0 and a critical reason why a lot of US-based clients had not yet switched to Onboarding 2.0. Now with the US compliance processes being delivered as a standard feature of Onboarding 2.0, it increases the potential for US-based clients to make the change.

* Restricted availability

H2 2020 Release is expected to deliver:

  • Section 1 and 2 of Form I-9
  • Reporting enabled using Stories in People Analytics
  • Status, due dates, completion times etc.
  • Email notifications to assist in timely completion
  • Form I-9 monitoring and tracking per new hire in the Onboarding Dashboard

With general availability, the 1H 2021 Release is expected to deliver:

  • Support for E-Verify
  • Support for remote completion of Form I-9
  • Section 3 of Form I-9 (Rehires and Reverification)
  1. Audit reporting for I-9 and E-VerifyI-9 Translator Signature: The e-Signature feature is updated to allow translators to sign Form I-9 for United States. The date format displayed on the forms is based on the form locale. The SAP SuccessFactors e-Signature enhancements offer improved usability with the support of multiple date formats and translator signature for Form I-9.

Note: The I-9 feature has restricted availability currently. This functionality must be reviewed by your HR or Legal team before being used in the production environment.

  1. Data Protection and Privacy: ONB 2.0 compliance now supports Data Purge, Read Audit, Change Audit, and Information Report for the compliance forms for the US.

SuccessFactors H2 2020 Onboarding Release

How to get it: Admin Opt-In

Business Rule Support for Event Reason Values

As an admin, you can now configure the value for the Event Reason field to be automatically set in the New Hire Data Review page using business rules. This allows the event reason to be determined based on pre-set business rules and synced into the onboarding record. Currently a custom field within recruitment has to be selected for the Event Reason which allows an opportunity for manual error.

For more information, access the What’s New Viewer for this item here.

How to get it: This is a universal update.

Custom Format Support for User ID and Employee ID Generated During Onboarding

By customizing the User ID and Employee ID format, you can ensure that specific formats and sequencing are supported for employee subgroups. For example, you can choose to start the ID with different characters for employees in different geographic locations. You can use existing Employee Central rules or create a new rule based on specific business requirements.

For clients who prefer to utilize different sequences of Employee IDs this is a High Impact feature. Through the business rule tool, it would allow a specific sequence to be utilized for a target population of onboarding records/hires.

For more information, access the What’s New Viewer for this item here.

SuccessFactors H2 2020 Onboarding release

How to get it: This is a universal update.

Email Notification Updates

  1. Emails now include Attachments: Business rules can be configured to specify the documents that must be shared as email attachments. The new hires and stakeholders now have better access to key documents. Being able to email onboarding users or internal users onboarding documents is a very useful tool. Previously the documents could only be downloaded, which then users would have to store locally. With this feature, they can store their onboarding documents within an email which is easier to track/store.
  1. Email Notification Templates for Compliance: These preconfigured email templates ensure that email notifications for specific compliance events are sent automatically.  Being able to notify users ahead of their first day/action time to complete certain processes/forms and inform them what is expected of them is a nice add-on feature.
  2. Business Rule Support for Additional Email Categories: Being able to set-up business rules based on the Filter Email Template and/or Select Email Message Locale, adds flexibility to the notification functionality of the tool.

How to get it: These are all universal updates.

Global Compliance Updates for ONB 2.0

  1. Compliance Block in Process Variant Manager: Currently a separate onboarding process for Compliance Forms needs to be set-up. This allows for an onboarding record to not complete the wanted compliance processes/forms since they may not realize they have to complete the personal information gathering onboarding process and then a second compliance gathering/signing process.

With this feature, the compliance forms can now be built into the onboarding process; so now an onboarding record must complete them in order for their initial onboarding record (where new hire information is gathered as well) to be marked as completed.

SuccessFactors H2 2020 Onboarding Release

How to get it: Admin Opt-In

  1. Custom Compliance Forms: There are certain Global Compliance forms that are not pre-delivered by SuccessFactors. Clients can now develop the metadata requirements and the forms into the Onboarding module. Compliance forms that aren’t pre-delivered can be added by uploading the form UI metadata and form layout metadata in the system.

Note: Authoring custom compliance forms require expertise in metadata-driven development. To author these forms, please contact your Implementation Partner.

How to get it: This is a universal update.

Supporting Features for Compliance Updates in ONB 2.0

  1. View Compliance Tasks on the New Onboarding Dashboard: Internal visibility to status of the onboarding processes/forms and the ability to send a manual reminder/nudge to the candidates is a nice add-on feature – ensuring that all the processes/documents get completed.

SuccessFactors H2 2020 Onboarding release

How to get it: Admin Opt-In

  1. People Analytics for Compliance: A new table for compliance has been added in People Analytics. You can use the compliance table to create a Story Report for compliance forms.  This allows onboarding administrators to develop reports/queries to review the current status of an onboarding record’s compliance process.

How to get it: Admin Opt-In

SuccessFactors H2 2020 Onboarding 1.0 Specific Updates

Direct Access to Onboarding 1.0 Will Be Disabled

To better safeguard your sensitive data, the ability to log into Onboarding 1.0 with the direct URL will be disabled. This was a feature primarily used during implementations by the Consultant and with secured notification wizards.  After this change the user will be required to log in through the SuccessFactors URL navigating to the menu to select Onboarding.

Action Required: Confirm that there are no users, administrators, or partners who are currently accessing this module directly. If you should need to access this module directly, you will need to open a support ticket with SAP to request the URL access be re-enabled.

Due to this disablement, it is important to have a BizX user who is connected to all Onboarding Security permissions and potentially all assignment steps (to be able to view all records) and this user will not be inactivated in your system. If you are using the Onboarding User or Delta Permission sync, ensure that this user maintains their Role Base Permission access to the needed Onboarding Security Group(s) as well.

For more information, access the Community Blog Post here.

Flash Media Deprecation in ONB 1.0

Flash-based media is being deprecated to align with Adobe’s decision to deprecate Flash by the end of 2020.  Effective with this release, the Employee Portal feature in Onboarding 1.0 will no longer support Flash-based videos.

Action Required: ALL Flash videos need to be removed and/or replaced with third-party embedded video options, such as YouTube. Navigate to the Content Editor panel to view the embedded video options.

For more information, access the What’s New Viewer for this item here.

Remote Social Security Number Update for Form I-9 Section 1

In the previous version, an SSN addition/update required an in-person verification after the initial I-9 application. With this added feature, the new hire receives an email notification with a link to enter their SSN and sign Section 1. Once complete, the hiring manager received an email notifying them that the new hire needs to update their SSN in Form I-9 Section 1 – this presents as a new Section 2 task pending in their work queue.

During these times when more companies are hiring remote employees, this helps expedite remote hiring process using online options for SSN validation / entry into the I-9 form – only for those who need to update / add-on their I9 # after the initial I-9 form submission.

For more information, access the What’s New Viewer for this item here, as well as the Remote SSN Update demo video here.

How to get it: To enable the remote update process, go to On/Offboarding Dashboard then Settings then Features then select SSN Update Posting from the Compliance – United States (US) section. Click the Activate button.

More to Come for the latest SAP SuccessFactors Releases

The H2 2020 Onboarding release is just a part of the latest SAP SuccessFactors update. Follow Rizing HCM on LinkedIn for release analysis and watch the complete LinkedIn Live H2 2020 release series. Customers should also follow the SAP SuccessFactors Community Page for the latest updates and roadmaps.