SAP SuccessFactors Helps /N SPRO Be a Top-Rated Employer

SAP SuccessFactors Helps /N SPRO Be a Top-Rated Employer featured image

At /N SPRO, our primary focus is to make sure SuccessFactors customers are getting the best value and experience out their SuccessFactors software. We drink the same champagne that we are implementing and sustaining for others. Among the SuccessFactors modules that /N SPRO deploys, HR Manager Dominique Dubowy may be most passionate and proud of how the SAP partner utilizes the talent suite, including but not limited to, Performance and Goals and Continuous Performance Management (CPM).

Setting Goals that Drive Purpose

“At /N SPRO we use SuccessFactors Goals to cascade the corporate goals down to all employees—meaning all goals are tied to a common vision and strategy,” says Dubowy. “If we didn’t have this tool it would be difficult to do that.”

That’s an important part of building a sense of purpose for employees—if they know why they are striving for certain goals and how it impacts the company’s vision overall, they are much more likely to feel engaged.

Employees at /N SPRO are empowered to keep track of their own goals throughout the year as well, as SuccessFactors gives them the opportunity to go in and update the goals as they go along. Reach 50 percent of a sales target? Go in and make that note. That allows our HR team to keep track of how employees are doing throughout the year, and also allows us to either produce reports for managers or give them access via role-based permissions.

Tracking Performance: More than Just Once a Year

Employees and managers are using the Goals functionality to track throughout the year—but that’s not the only continuous evaluation and feedback that is happening. In the last year, we have begun to roll out SuccessFactors Continuous Performance Management—a tool that encourages more frequent one-on-ones between managers and employees.

Those one-on-ones don’t necessarily have to be face-to-face or even over the phone, CPM gives a structure to more informal evaluations. For example, if an /N SPRO employee completes a task, they can then make note of that in CPM. The manager can then go in and leave feedback and the conversation can continue from there.

From an HR perspective, we can capture those informal meetings in the system. If HR sees someone hasn’t had a meeting in two months, they can reach out to the manager.

That means less surprises at the end-of-year performance evaluation, but it also means the employee can have a running log of what they have accomplished throughout the year. Perhaps they struggled a bit in the final months but crushed it earlier in the year. With CPM, they can be reminded of the good stuff they had done earlier and put the later struggles in that context.

Getting Buy-In

As CPM is a relatively new product at /N SPRO, HR has worked to encourage its adoption across the business. The initial strategy has centered upon requiring senior management to use the tool for performance evaluation. The idea, says Dubowy, is that if it starts at the top with the executives evaluating the managers with CPM, the managers will then use CPM with their employees.

Beyond that, HR presents a demo of the CPM software to all employees and created a 15-minute training that is now required for new hires. HR is also not afraid to send out “nudges” to managers to use CPM, as well as hold forums with directors on a biweekly basis to get feedback on successes and struggles with the continuous performance management process.

Technology Provides Structure

“SuccessFactors is giving a structure to HR,” says Dubowy. “Having this software in place allows employees to have visibility and access their own information year-over-year, throughout their career life-cycle within /N SPRO. It allows for tracking and sharing the information between employee, manager and HR, and ultimately will help the employee in their career growth”.

It’s not just HR that is directly helped by the software, either. Our sales team benefits by getting access to employee work experience and certifications, which can help sales leaders identify potential fits for new client mandates.

These are just a few examples of how we use SAP SuccessFactors to build a better employee experience, and the technology provides a basis for HR to execute the processes that build the type of place that earns “Top Employer in Canada” accolades.

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