Visionary Talent was one of the core topics of discussion in keynotes and sessions at NRF 2020, a gathering spot for over 40,000 attendees and 18,000 retailers. By NRF’s definition, Visionary Talent means bringing in and nurturing the people who bring out your best. It’s easier to do that when you make sure that your company is open to as diverse a population as possible.  

Simply being more diverse and inclusive in hiring is easier said than done. Judith Williams, SAP Head of People Sustainability, spoke at NRF 2020 about inherent biases that exist in everyone, and that how someone’s mood or even an empty stomach can bring those biases to the forefront. That’s where she suggested leaving some decisions to technology.  

Using Machine Learning to Tackle Hiring Bias

‘If we build the right type of algorithm, it’s never tired, it’s never frustrated, it’s never hungry,” says research person,” said Williams.   

She adds that the algorithms do need to be trained on the right dataset. Data that is biased will create algorithms that are biased. That means for any company looking to create greater diversity and inclusion in hiring and advancement through algorithmic means will need to ensure they are staying on top of their data and checking for any biased results it is producing. You can see the full interview with Williams here: 

SAP SuccessFactors has built algorithms to help eliminate gender bias into its Recruiting Management module using text mining and machine learning technology. This job analyzer functionality examines job postings and assesses them for any gender biases. Some language is more likely to attract male or female applicants, but this anti-bias tool helps to create gender neutral job postings.  

Making HR a Competitive Advantage in Retail 

Creating unbiased job postings means your recruiting staff have access to a more divers pool of applicants, giving them a higher change to find that exceptional candidate that will bring out the best in your organization. That’s one way that HR can be a competitive advantage for retailers and all industries.   

Systems SAP SuccessFactors provide the data and the technology to eliminate bias in your recruiting and throughout your HR organization, as well as providing intuitive interfaces that allow your employees and managers to access their human resources data and manage their careers.  

Bringing the right people in through unbiased methods and then empowering them with process and technology will ensure your company can meet NRF’s 2020 idea of Visionary Talent. 


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