SAP SuccessFactors Q1 2019 Release Analysis: Updates in SAP Jam and Mobile

The first SAP SuccessFactors release of 2019 goes into preview today. We have already provided an overview of major highlights in the update, but now we are going to take some time to examine more detailed information on updates in SAP Jam and the SAP SuccessFactors iOS and Android mobile apps.

The preview release allows customers the chance to test out new features before they officially go live in the system on the production date. Each preview of SAP SuccessFactors quarterly updates comes about one month before the production, which is April 5 for this quarter.

Let’s look at the enhancements in SAP Jam and the SAP SuccessFactors mobile apps.


Reminder: SAP Jam comes in different versions, please ask Rizing HCM which new features are available based on your SAP Jam subscription. 

Categorized Search: This enables people to quickly find content. The content is shown in both quick search bar and full search pages. 

Microsoft Office Integration: This new free feature allows users to edit Microsoft documents straight from SAP Jam, no need to download. It works with all supported browsers via web and mobile. 

SAP Jam update q1 2019

Buttons and Dropdown Consistency: Now all buttons and dropdown menu options for CMIS and Google/Box document integrations provide the same naming convention 

Knowledge Base HomepageThis functionality includes several new features, including:

  • A search-centric experience
  • Recommendations based on users’ browsing history
  • New section to display new and updated articles
  • Supports thumbnail view as well as list view

Slideshow Widget: PDF view now available. Slideshow can now display PDF documents, any dimension, and jump forward/backward or to a specific page.

SAP Jam slideshow widget Q1 2019 release

Messaging documents and videos: Documents and videos can now be attached to SAP Jam messages.

Site branding: Administrators now have more options, including: 

  • More standard font options
  • Custom look and feel

New Reporting Enhancements: New report types have been added, including:

  • Questions report
  • Tasks report with additional user attributes 

LMS Integration: New features for supporting integration to SAP SuccessFactors LMS include:

  • Clarity for SAP Jam administrators when they need to reach out to SAP for support enabling integrations with LMS
  • Display the configured attributes from LMS that will be used in SAP Jam

What’s going away: Twitter Integration will be fully retired by Q1 2019.


Reminder: Mobile follows a monthly release cycle (except January). Mobile updates are available around the 20th of each month. Q1 2019 release notes include features released in November and December 2018, and February 2019. March and April 2019 features are also included in this analysis.

Performance Management (PM): Mobile now supports “send to previous step” functionality if the right permissions are configured. 

How to turn it on: This was a universal update for iOS and Android in November 2018.

SAP SuccessFactors Performance Mobile release q1 2019

Career Development Planning (CDP): Enables the ability to manage CDP goal plans. Users can add, edit, and delete from the Development Plan.

How to turn it on: Opt-in – iOS (November 2018) and Android (December 2018) 

360 Reviews (360): Users can now add, edit, and delete performance and development goals, as well as view and edit custom elements within custom sections.

How to turn it on: This was a universal update for iOS and Android in December 2018.

Learning Management System (LMS):  Updates to mobile functionality for LMS include:

  • Users can now search and find programs in the course catalog and assign to self, as well as view the overview, description and agenda. Users can also complete items within the program. This was a universal update for Android in November 2018. It previously existed as a functionality in the iOS app.
  • Users can now access their assignments from the To-Do tab. Tapping on “My Assignments” will take users to the existing list screen. This was a universal update for iOS in February 2019.

SAP SuccessFactors approval requests mobile release q1 2019

Recruiting Management (RCM): A new feature allows users to access the internal career site.

How to turn it on: Opt-in – iOS and Android (February 2019)

Time and Attendance: Users will be able to manage the Time Sheet approval by approving, delegating and/or declining time sheets. 

How to turn it on: This was a universal update for iOS in February 2019.  

ThemingAdministrators will be able to manage multiple themes for the SAP SuccessFactors mobile app. This can be accessed via the admin center through Mobile Features.

How to turn it on: This was a universal update for iOS & Android in December 2018.

SAP SuccessFactors mobile theming 2019 q1 release

Getting the Most out of SAP SuccessFactors

To optimize your SAP SuccessFactors investment, it’s best to have a consistent plan for implementing quarterly updates. You can stay in the know by following the SAP SuccessFactors Quarterly Release Customer Community and checking the Release Information page. Both resources require customer log-in credentials.

For help in enabling new features, and the change management side that comes along with that, contact Rizing HCM, and talk to our Managed Services team about building your update strategy.