SAP SuccessFactors Q2 2019 Release Analysis: Recruiting and Onboarding

The second SAP® SuccessFactors® release of 2019 went into preview on May 10. We have already provided an overview of major highlights in the update, as well as a look at how upcoming updates integrate SAP SuccessFactors with the Intelligent Enterprise. Now we are going to take some time to examine more detailed information on enhancements in Recruiting and Onboarding.

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The preview release allows customers the chance to test out new features before they officially go live in the system on the production date. Each preview of SAP SuccessFactors quarterly updates comes about one month before the production, which is June 7 for this quarter.

Let’s look at the Q2 2019 enhancements in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and Onboarding.


Email Correspondence: Recruiters now have complete history of manual email communications with candidates. Recruiters initiate the email, and then the reply from candidates is captured and logged in SuccessFactors Recruiting. The reply from the Recruiter also gets logged in the system.

How to turn it on: Via Admin Center Opt-in (Customer Idea)

SAP SuccessFactors q2 2019 release update

Activity Tracking and Dashboard: Gives the Recruiter the ability to follow up to 100 candidates. From the feed recruiters can navigate to the candidates’ profiles and take actions. Candidate events that will appear on the feed include:

  • Log in to the Career Site
  • Complete Data Capture Form
  • Saved Draft of a Job Application
  • Abandons Job Application
  • Applies to a Job

Data Privacy and Permissions Apply.

How to turn it on: Admin Center Opt-in

SAP SuccessFactors Q2 2019 release update

Successfactors SAP 2019 release update

Data Capture Form — Resume Upload: Candidates completing a data capture form can upload a resume in the following file types: DOCX, PDF, Image and Text files. The resume will be added to the candidate profile. This feature does not support resume parsing.

How to turn it on: Admin Center Opt-in

Internal Career Site – Employee Content: Customers will have the ability when using the Internal Career Site (powered by Career Site Builder) to add “Employee Specific” content. Content can be flagged as External, Internal, or both.

How to turn it on: Admin Center Opt-in

SAP SuccessFactors 2019 Q2 update release

Mass Initiate Onboarding: The ability to initiate onboarding for multiple applications associated to a Job Requisition in one go. No new configuration is needed to turn on this feature.

How to turn it on: Admin Center Opt-in (Customer Idea)

Recruiting Posting – Workflow Configuration: The configuration workflow has been simplified and redesigned to guide customers through the different steps required to send their job postings within Recruiting Posting.

How to turn it on: This is a Universal update.

SAP SuccessFactors q2 release update

SAP SuccessFactors Q2 2019 update release

Advanced Analytics: A new detailed query tool provides a more flexible way to pull candidate and job level detail data.

How to turn it on: Admin Center Opt-in (Customer Idea)

Q2 2019 SAP SuccessFactors release update

Q2 2019 SAP Successfactors release update


DocuSign enhancement: When “no outside signing” is enabled, all the required forms are grouped in a single envelope on the signature screen.

How to turn it on: Admin Opt-in

Manage Pending Hires (MPH): This gives the ability to configure the columns and column heading on MPH to provide end users with efficient UX through sort and filter on columns.

How to turn it on: Admin Center Opt-in

SAP SuccessFactors q2 2019 update release

Getting the Most out of SAP SuccessFactors

To optimize your SAP SuccessFactors investment, it’s best to have a consistent plan for implementing quarterly updates. You can stay in the know by following the SAP SuccessFactors Quarterly Release Customer Community and checking the Release Information page. Both resources require customer log-in credentials.

For help in enabling new features, and the change management side that comes along with that, contact Rizing HCM, and talk to our Managed Services team about building your update strategy.