SAP SuccessFactors 2018 Quarterly Release Schedule

SAP SuccessFactors 2018 Quarterly Release Schedule featured image

The SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite is currently running on a cycle of quarterly updates—that means a new set of updates each quarter to customers. Each release to all data centers (called a production release) is preceded four to eight weeks by a preview release. The previews allow customers who wish to test out upcoming features, and prepare their staff for what’s coming, to do so.

Here is how the quarterly release schedule looks for 2018, with the first release having just gone to production on April 7th:

As an example of what customers can expect from each quarter’s release, here are the release notes from the April 7th rollout and here is a video overview from Amy Wilson, SuccessFactors head of product.

Automatically delivered quarterly updates are certainly an advantage of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions over on-premise solutions, which require manual and lengthy upgrades for customers to take advantage of the latest innovation and security. However, SuccessFactors customers do have the option to turn some new features on and keep others off.

Why would a customer decide not to turn on a feature? For one, they might not have a need for the particular process that feature enables, but that’s not the only reason. Some customers just don’t have the change management program or bandwidth in place to successfully incorporate something new every quarter. In that case, the customer could quickly fall behind on the latest SuccessFactors updates.

That’s where companies like Rizing can help. We provide SuccessFactors support and sustainment services that assist customers in managing and adopting those quarterly updates in order to take full advantage of the frequent innovation that cloud software offers.

For more information on how Rizing’s Support and Sustainment services can help your organization maximize its SuccessFactors investment, contact Rizing’s HCM services team.