Reporting from SuccessConnect 2018 Las Vegas: Opening Keynote Highlights

SuccessConnect officially kicked off on Wednesday morning. SAP SuccessFactors president Greg Tomb was joined by SAP CEO Bill McDermott on stage where they discussed the major topics of the week and dove in to the present and future of Human Capital Management from both technological and human perspectives.

The Biggest SuccessConnect Ever

The appearance of McDermott underscores the important role SuccessFactors plays in SAP’s strategy. After the conference sold out in 2017 at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, SuccessConnect was moved across the street to the Aria. The accommodations were much more spacious, but the keynote hall was just as full (we’ll forgive the one-mile hike it took to get there because we needed the steps anyway).

Even more impressive is that everyone took the time to get up early after closing down the club at our “We <3 SuccessFactors” event on Tuesday night! We definitely felt the love:

The Vital Role of HR

“HR is the secret weapon to help CEOs and their companies succeed.” – Greg Tomb

How is HR the secret weapon? With a labor shortage that could lead to a $8.5 trillion (yes, that’s trillion with a ‘t’) loss of potential revenue globally in the coming years, finding the right talent is only going to get more difficult—and more vital. For McDermott, a key piece to competing for that talent—and keeping that talent—is your company’s approach to its employees.

“Everything you do within a company has to connect with the people you serve outside of the company, and the culture of the company is everything,” said McDermott. “You have to make the perfect link between the consumer experience and the employee experience.

As McDermott explained, the CHRO and HR professionals need to be completely linked to the CEO.

Beyond just finding employees, HR plays a vital role in retaining workers as well. McDermott noted that SAP itself produced the equivalent of 100 million euros worth of revenue by making a 1% improvement in retention. The bottom line: Finding and keeping the right people impacts…the bottom line.

SAP Cloud for Analytics is Coming, Total Workforce Management is Central

Due to a technical mishap, the products portion of the keynote was pushed back until Thursday. However, Tomb did touch on two product areas on which SuccessFactors is focusing: Analytics and Total Workforce Management.

SAP Cloud for Analytics will eventually replace Workforce Analytics as the analysis tool in SuccessFactors. That process has begun as customers are already in beta with Cloud for Analytics on SuccessFactors, with a bigger rollout to continue through the end of 2018.

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A focus on the external workforce was evident throughout the presentation, with customers and SAP continually pointing to the importance of data on those workers that aren’t the traditional FTE equivalent.

“Every person in the extended workforce is an agent of the company,” said Tomb. “We gotta give the same level of focus to enabling this extended workforce as you do with your own [internal] employees.”

Find out how SAP Total Workforce Management builds a holistic headcount.  

The Power of Partners

SAP needs partners like Rizing HCM to give customers the best SuccessFactors experience. That is not lost on Tombs, who included partners in his “Five Key Topics” for SuccessConnect.

“I believe one thing that makes SuccessFactors so special is the power of our partners on both the implementation side and innovation side.” We could not agree more.

We are glad to be a part of this partner ecosystem, and are focused on being a trusted implementation partner with the most SuccessFactors Professional Certifications, and building complementary products for SuccessFactors such as Blueline and Cube.

We’ll have lots more from SuccessConnect this week. Continue to follow us at @nsproweb and @aasonn and tweet at us using the #RizingHCM hashtag! Stop by and see us in person in the expo hall at booths P2 and G16 for demos of Blueline and Cube.