SuccessConnect 2020 Preview: Expect to See HXM strategy, Customer Stories, and Product Roadmaps

SuccessConnect 2020 Preview: Expect to See HXM strategy, Customer Stories, and Product Roadmaps featured image

SuccessConnect 2020 is virtual, and the North American version will be broadcast live on October 6th. In-person or not, this is one of the biggest events of the year for SAP SuccessFactors customers and partners, and HR technology in general. To gain insight into this year’s event, we reached out to April Crichlow, Global Vice President & Head of Marketing for SAP SuccessFactors, for a SuccessConnect 2020 Preview.

Each year, SuccessConnect is full of technological innovations, HR best practices, and customer success stories. How will SAP fit all that in a one-day virtual event?

Find out below in our SuccessConnect 2020 preview, delivered through our Q&A with SAP’s Crichlow.

Rizing: What hints can you provide on new product innovations that may be announced at SuccessConnect 2020?

Crichlow: We’ll walk attendees through the HXM product strategy, showcasing here-and-now innovation they can put to work today, and revealing vision for what’s around the corner. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to create more personalized workspaces for employees attuned to individual needs, and how they can wrap those experiences around employees’ changing desires and goals because what matters most to each of us today is going to change tomorrow. Finally, they will have the chance to learn how improving upskilling and reskilling can help their organization be more flexible and agile – adapting as business priorities quickly shift.

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Rizing: What can we expect to hear regarding Human Experience Management (HXM)?

Crichlow: HXM is at the heart of our overall program content, and there is no better way to tell the HXM story than to have our customers from around the world share their journey. Bekaert will share why and how they got started with HXM. Tec de Monterrey and Chalhoub Group will talk about how they are using SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics solutions to listen to their employees and drive ongoing employee experience improvements. Corning will share the benefits and value they get from SAP Work Zone for HR and how providing employees a personalized digital workplace experience is increasing engagement and productivity.

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Rizing: What can we expect to hear regarding Intelligent Enterprise?

Crichlow: At SuccessConnect, attendees will see real-life examples of how customers are bridging SAP SuccessFactors across the enterprise. After all, people experiences transcend beyond HR. For example, Corning will share their experiences with SAP Work Zone for HR, a digital, personalized workspace. There will also be a customer roundtable featuring organizations who have integrated SAP SuccessFactors with other SAP and third-party solutions. In addition to customer stories, attendees can see our solutions and technology up-close that help to drive Intelligent Enterprise transformation. For example, they can attend a hands-on lab to learn how to enhance HR programs with our Extension Center and a session on how to improve workforce agility with SAP Cloud Platform.

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Rizing: How will SAP discuss the current environment, with challenges such as remote work, furloughs, staff reduction and re-recruitment?

Crichlow: Organizations around the world have faced unprecedented challenges since the onset of COVID-19. Attendees will hear inspiring stories of how HR leaders have taken charge of change to increase business resilience through a more engaged workforce. Canada Mortgage and Housing, for example, will share best practices in managing and leading remote teams to increase productivity. Dexcom will talk about how they are using AI capabilities with Eightfold, an SAP Endorsed App, to more effectively and efficiently hire, engage and retain top talent. Woodbridge Foam will share how their digital transformation with a focus on employees is helping to ensure workforce safety and agility.

Rizing: What mix of topics can we expect to see in the main SAP keynote?

Crichlow: The keynote will include SAP SuccessFactors President, Jill Popelka on our HXM vision and how it applies to our business and product strategy. The product segment will cover how we are delivering on the HXM vision today, and what you can expect down the road, featuring insights on individualized employee experiences, the reimagined SAP SuccessFactors homepage, SAP Work Zone for HR and our vision for what’s next.

Actress and activist Viola Davis will talk about what it took to rise from poverty to international stardom and how to live a life of meaning and purpose. Daniel Pink, best-selling author of To Sell Is Human and business visionary, will share innovative ideas on how to improve culture, performance, and leadership. He will share practical tips and guidance for creating a more energetic and dynamic workforce.

Finally, we will have several customers share their HR transformation journeys and stories around resilience, agility and how they are putting people at the center of their business. You will hear from HR leaders at Mariposa Corporation, Cargill, Inc. and Microsoft.

Rizing: What mix of topics will we see throughout the rest of the event?

Crichlow: Customer stories will be front and center throughout our events. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn best practices from HR leaders worldwide and gain practical tips for creating exceptional experiences that boost productivity, innovation, and engagement.

The agenda features a variety of product-specific sessions, such as roadmaps, demos, meet the product experts, and hands-on labs that span the areas of talent management, core HR and payroll, employee experience management, analytics, and platform and technology. Sessions will focus on a variety of topics including how organizations are re-imagining the user experience, supporting the health, safety and well-being of their workforce, tapping into the power of employee listening to drive ongoing experience improvements. We will also have customer roundtables, panels, and other breakout sessions focused on thought leadership topics such as Upskilling and Reskilling and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  

Rizing: How will SAP bring the conference experience to a virtual event? What lessons can you take from previous virtual events that have happened this year?

Crichlow: We are shifting from a two-day physical event to a one-day virtual event, focusing on creating short, consumable bits. We have added a live Q&A as part of every breakout session, interactive elements for attendee engagement, and the ability to meet with our product experts. Customers can also interact with one another to share best practices and get answers to questions.

Attendees love our road map sessions and hands-on labs, so we’ve brought them to this year’s virtual event experience. And we will have a great mix of customer stories featuring organizations of all sizes and across industries and geographies.

Rizing: What are some tips on getting the most out of the event?

Crichlow: We recommend attendees:

  • Understand what is most important to them and to build their agenda based on must-attend sessions that they may want to participate in. They can catch the rest on-demand, with the exception of Viola Davis’ keynote.
  • Sign up for the breakout sessions that are priority in advance as they may have capacity limits. 
  • Ensure they have the proper technology downloaded in order to access breakouts.
  • And tune into the live Q&A at the end of the day and get answers from the SAP SuccessFactors leaders.

Beyond the SuccessConnect 2020 Preview

Stay up-to-date with the event at our SuccessConnect 2020 page, as well as our Rizing HCM LinkedIn page. In the coming weeks, you’ll find more SuccessConnect 2020 preview content, as well as recaps and live discussions on the key themes of the event. You can register for SuccessConnect 2020 here.