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Fiona Moore, Partner Business Manager, SAP for Rizing HCM

Are you an SME based in Ireland and missed the Rizing and SAP webinar? Find out how Synchrony Payroll can help your business. Listen to the recording and read the transcript below. 

Rizing HCM has just launched their new Synchrony Payroll & People solution, especially designed and localised to meet Irish companies’ needs and make Human Experience Management (HXM) a tangible reality for all organisations and their employees. This solution is specially designed to address the needs of businesses of all sizes, from the SME through to Large Enterprise organisations.

Discussing and demonstrating this brand new solution, the panel of experts included;

Read on for a summary of the launch event or view the webinar here.

Setting the Scene

Sadhbh Carson, Human Experience Management (HXM) Lead at SAP Ireland, explained that Rizing has been supporting the Irish market for over ten years, providing excellent support with local knowledge, experience and expertise, and innovation and investment at a local level.

SuccessFactors, as Sadhbh outlined, is an end-to-end solution designed to provide best-in-class HXM across all pillars of Talent Management and includes core HR and Payroll capability;

  • An experience-first approach with individual end-to-end experiences and powerful employee listening to monitor, manage and optimise key moments in the employee journey.
  • An open platform and community to easily build or integrate innovative apps and connect HR to the broader business.
  • Unmatched, automated global compliance with global and local regulation, proven best practice and delivered compliance in 99 countries for HR and 46 for payroll.
  • Deep and innovative strategic HR capabilities to support your total workforce and give you the flexibility to start where you want.

Rizing has leveraged all SAP SuccessFactors’ offerings, processes, and best practices, building on their experience from the many implementations completed. Now, Rizing has designed a pre-packaged offering, Synchrony Payroll & People, designed to support Irish customers in adopting innovations, automating processes, and becoming leaders in their industry.

Sadhbh explained that a huge focus in recent years had been the shift from Human Capital Management (HCM) to Human Experience Management (HXM) and that Experience Management is now hugely important to organisations thriving in the digital economy; employees, now more than ever, in the remote environment, require tools which are intuitive, informative and engaging.

Rizing has designed Synchrony Payroll & People, a pre-built package offering for customers, leveraging the increasing requirements for employee and manager self-service, designed based on the local requirements of Irish businesses.

Joanna Murphy, President of Rizing HCM EMEA, explained that they are one of the largest SAP SuccessFactors partners globally and celebrate their tenth anniversary in Ireland. Rizing enjoys the support of their global presence, offering the expertise of their global consultants when required. Still, their local presence here in Ireland means that they have built up solid relationships with both large and small organisations locally across the country. Some of Rizing’s customers include names such as AIB, Bibby Financial Services and Irish Life, to name but a few.

Joanna explained that while the Irish market is not unique, Rizing has set out to offer a pre-built package and an end-to-end solution for Irish businesses, not only to address their day to day HR needs but also to provide a solution capable of tackling some of the most common HR and payroll issues. As Joanna noted, Irish companies face many of the same challenges and ambitions as companies in other countries.


So how can Synchrony Payroll & People help you?


Building a People-Centric Business Model

Many organisations want to achieve a people-centric business. But why does this matter? Studies show that happy employees mean happy customers and ultimately a healthier bottom line for the organisation.

Meaningful Reporting

Even today, many companies still operate off spreadsheets. Synchrony Payroll & People can offer you the ability to draw data from one single source of truth, providing significant time savings, research showing that this can be up to 15% for HR reporting alone.

Winning the War for Talent

Joanna explained that talent acquisition has changed significantly over the past number of years, particularly from mobile recruiting. Synchrony Payroll & People and assist your organisation in recruiting that top talent. Not only does this solution assist to provide a more streamlined recruitment process, but it can speed up hiring time by up to 46%.

Additionally, its integrated tools around Onboarding, Performance & Goals through to Succession and Career Development & Planning, can improve employee experience within the organisation, thus positively impacting employee longevity and retention.

Missed the webinar? Watch it on-demand!

Managing an Agile Workforce

Now more than ever, companies need to be able to manage an agile workforce. Having mobility, agility and flexibility in the workforce are now critical. As we return to ‘business as normal’, having a good cloud HR system with true mobile functionality can create that agility and mobility and help reduce costs in your workplace. And, according to a recent Gallup survey, reduce IT costs by up to 25%, as well as increasing the efficiency of HR processes

Creating an Ideal Employee Experience

When we talk about HXM, the experience of the employee is key and at its core. Why does this matter?

Research shows that 36% of employees would leave their current organisation for a more digitally progressive employer. A positive employee experience can inspire and align people to the organisation’s mission, which can be accomplished with mobility using Synchrony Payroll & People, cultivating greater employee engagement and continuous feedback. Furthermore, building new employee skills and providing them with clear career paths is possible using the Rizing HCM solution.

Research indicates that companies with highly engaged workforces are 21% more profitable than those with poor engagement. Synchrony Payroll & People allows you to manage employee experience in a truly strategic way.

Building an Organisation for the Future

Access to meaningful HR data can truly enable your organisation to build your company for the future, also allowing you to make informed decisions and equipping HR in playing a real part in the strategic aspects of the business.

Joanna explained that Synchrony Payroll & People includes

  • A fully integrated cloud solution encompassing all your HR processes from hire to retire.
  • Ease of use with the scalability to meet your needs as you grow.
  • A mobile solution based on the self-service needs of employees and managers.
  • Industry-leading best practices and differentiated with Rizing’s powerful mindshare.
  • The ability to tackle day-to-day, as well as common HR and payroll challenges. 

The Synchrony Payroll & People Solution

Paul Rose, Solution Director with Rizing HCM took us through a demonstration of Synchrony Payroll & People, showing how user-friendly the system is for both employees and managers.

As Paul explained, the ability for employees to take control of their own career development within the organisation, as well as manage their time off, update personal details, their performance and learning is all possible through the mobile application in a fully integrated way.

The Payroll module was demonstrated by Ian Bradford, Payroll Solution Expert with Rizing. Every business has to run payroll for their employees, whether they have two employees or thousands. The challenge of ensuring that employees are paid on time and accurately is common amongst all organisations. In fact, it has been noted that delays to pay more than twice, can be the catalyst for employees to leave an organisation. So, payroll is one area you do not want going wrong!

Ian provided a detailed overview of the Synchrony Payroll  solution, which is pre-packaged and pre-configured to address common-place payroll requirements, but also has the added benefit of having integrated and localised rules specific to Ireland, as well as SMART PAYE functionality for revenue.


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How can Synchrony Payroll & People help your organisation?

Rizing will be delighted to explore with you and show you “the art of the possible”, carrying out current state scans to identify your current HR challenges, define your outcomes and processes and guide you through every step of your HR transformation journey. Rizing can also help you develop a business case, a roadmap for change and ensure your strategy aligned to your particular business requirements.

Rizing are HXM experts. Trust me, there’s nothing they haven’t seen! And, their experience in the Irish market means they have a unique knowledge of the challenges facing Irish businesses.

Contact Rizing HCM today and let us take your employee experience to the next level.