Rizing Chosen as a Top SAP SuccessFactors Implementation Partner

Created on April 25, 2022
by Mike Boyink

Raven Intelligence, an independent peer-review website that helps customers choose software consulting and implementation partners, recently included Rizing in their Guide to Top SAP® SuccessFactors Implementation Partners.

The guide is derived from 1400+ reviews logged on Raven’s website. Raven’s users rank providers based on “systems expertise, quality of their consultants, flexibility implementation process, and responsiveness.”

Rizing’s overall ranking recently increased to 4.7/5, which outperforms industry benchmarks as calculated by Raven Intelligence.

Rizing was also featured in an article on Raven’s website. In it, Raven Intelligence Founder and CEO Bonnie Tinder interviews the CEO of Rizing HCM, Jodi Hayes about how Rizing prioritizes customer success.

“Rizing has proven successful at guiding their customers to adopt innovation, gain rapid results, grow sustainability, and run more efficiently through SAP solutions,” Tinder said. “The key has been recognizing the clear link between happy team members and a positive customer experience. So how are they doing it?”

Rizing’s Jodi Hayes answered in the areas of culture, hiring, client success, and choosing the right partner.

Most important? Building for the future.

“We’re working on a solution that is simple for customers to implement and enables them to actually get robust data and analytics in order to make business decisions,” said Jodi. “There are a lot of solutions out there, but they’re difficult to set up and difficult to maintain. It’s a big investment that most companies can’t make, so we’re looking for what we can do in that space to make it more attainable and add AI in there to make it more predictive.”

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