The Reimagined SAP SuccessFactors Home Page is Back On!

Created on July 25, 2022
Last updated on August 15th, 2022 at 1:06 pm by Shannon Ippolito

In April 2022, SAP® paused the reimagined SuccessFactors® home page upgrade for all customers. This delayed the universal push of the new home page into all preview and production instances.

The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to talk of many things…”
The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll

The announcement didn’t impact customers who had already upgraded and permissioned the new home page in their production instances. For the rest of the community, all working plans and timelines quickly stopped.

The Wait Is Now Over

SAP lifted the pause from Preview instances on June 15th and Production instances on July 15th.

SAP recently said they would deliver the universal upgrade in a staggered manner across customers:

  • Preview instances will update between August 2nd, 2022, and October 20th, 2022.
  • Production instances update between September 15th, 2022, and December 9th, 2022.

SAP said they would soon have more details on the rollout schedule and how it would impact specific customers or data centers.

We strongly recommend you plan to completely migrate your Production instance before September 15th.

Catching Up

It’s been a few months since we’ve talked about the Reimagined Home Page – so let’s review what it’s all about.

In 2020, SAP redesigned the SuccessFactors homepage to improve the user experience. Subsequent releases have included design updates, functionality improvements, and bug fixes. SAP has been impressive this past year, genuinely listening to customer feedback and turning updates around quickly in the 1H 2022 release.

Essential 1H 2022 Release Updates

For Employee Central (EC) customers:

  • EC alerts now appear in the For You Today section
    These alerts are configured within EC or a Metadata Framework (MDF) object and use the business rules for alerts and workflows.  Example alerts could be for an expiring Work Permit or an upcoming Contract End date. Note: these are not the same as the Admin Alerts found in the Quick Action section.
  • New link in Time Off Quick Action card
    This link takes users to their Time Off section to review information like balances or view the Team Absence calendar.

Other New Quick Actions:

  • View Tile Reports – this fixes an issue where customers could no longer access their Dashboard or YouCalc reports as they could previously.
  • View Company Documents
  • Candidate Talent Pools
  • Learning Admin – allows learning admins to access the Learning module quickly

Custom Card Size Update

Previously, customers were limited to one size (large) for their custom cards (legacy=custom tiles). The 1H release adds a smaller card size option (half the height of the large) and the option to display an icon from the delivered icon library. Note: all custom cards previously configured will remain large.

Group Custom Cards

This major improvement allows customers to better organize their home page by creating custom card groups (or sections). Note – there is a 16 custom-card limit on the new home page, no matter the number of groups.

Ready to Restart?

If you haven’t started the Reimagined Home Page upgrade in your Preview instance, it’s time to start! The update will have a significant change management impact on your users. You’ll want to properly test and communicate your plans before the Production Universal Push on September 15th.

If you’ve been waiting for SAP to lift the Production pause, it’s go time. Dust off those communication plans, update your rollout strategy, and restart the engines!

Keep checking the Migration to Reimagined Home Page community post for the most up-to-date information from SAP and other resources.

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