The Rizing Crystal Ball: What We Predict for 2020

The Rizing Crystal Ball: What We Predict for 2020 featured image

Among the things on my tech wish list are: unbreakable connectivity for virtual meetings, cell service that works in NYC’s subway and Uber eats snack delivery on airline flights. But what does the future really hold?

Let’s face it, predicting the future isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to know the space in which you predict. You have to have experienced the past and know how trends tip. We asked our experts in Rizing a few of whom offered their thoughts for 2020.

Lisa Niles, Brian Cederborg, Adam Greenberg, Achim Kruger

Shopping becomes even easier for consumers and retailers alike. Brian Cederborg, a Rizing Vice President who specializes in transforming retail, wholesale and consumer products, predicts SAP Omnichannel POS by GK, already a leader in the Point of Sale space, will gain global POS market share in 2020. Tightly integrated with SAP, GK’s Ominchannel POS tracks and manages customers, creating a seamless experience for consumers whether they are in the store or shopping digitally.

Brian also predicts that rapid in-memory data processing will become the norm across industries – raising the bar for grabbing competitive share of your market space. This will occur as S/4 Implementation timelines continue to shrink as partners (like Rizing) have gained significant expertise with S/4 HANA, and are applying this technical expertise to industry specific needs. S/4 HANA dramatically simplifies the data model, allowing real-time access to transactional data. Imagine how businesses can stay ahead of trends in their industry when they can see activity today.

Supply chain moves from the back office to the forefront in driving innovation, Lisa Niles, a management consultant in Rizing’s Consumer Industries practice, predicts. The latest technologies are powering the supply chain — AI, IOT, digital supply chain. Industry performance relies on rapid response to innovations in supply chain and Lisa says, “With Rizing’s ability to serve supply-chain-centric organizations across our divisions, we are poised to make a huge difference!”

In the HCM space, watch out for big changes to Payroll. Adam Greenberg, Rizing’s Vice President of Business Development Programs believes SAP will make a big announcement around payroll.  What will it be? Well, Adam predicts SAP will either remove the need to have Employee Central as a foundation for payroll or change the cloud payroll branding away from Employee Central Payroll (ECP). In a world where SAP still outperforms all competitors with their payroll engine, this makes sense as a competitive advantage to SAP’s cloud portfolio. Regardless of what happens with payroll, we do know that the focus for success these days is on building a responsive, reliable core HR and payroll foundation.

SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) will finally get the recognition it deserves.  Although it has been around since 2012, SCP – a Platform as a Service solution – has largely been ignored by business as being the realm of highly tech-savvy developers. But the cloud platform is helping business realize a digital future no matter where they are in their digital journey – S/4 HANA, C/4 HANA, and good old ERP.

SAP’s Intelligent Asset Management portfolio will enable companies to realize and do more in 2020 on the promises of “innovation without disruption.” Achim Kruger, Rizing’s President of Enterprise Asset Management in EMEA, says “I always had the feeling that “the future” for many organizations was quite far away. Today, the future has come much closer and in many aspects is already here with SAP’s Intelligent Asset Management portfolio. . . bringing together IT and OT technologies as well as the Digital Core with innovations leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform. This said, customers today can get the basics right and explore the future same time. They can adopt innovation in a more simple way in all areas where it drives effectiveness and efficiency for a more holistic asset management.”

2020 holds the realization of technology’s impact on the enterprise. Keep in touch with us at Rizing as 2020 unfolds.

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