Through the years, /N SPRO has managed to attract the very best talent who specialize in SAP ERP HCM, SAP CRM, SAP mobile solutions, SAP solutions for sustainability, SAP for Retail, and SuccessFactors Business Execution (BizX) Suite. This elite team delivers the highest quality consulting and is driven to make you successful. /N SPRO is currently one of the largest SAP ERP HCM practice and the most experienced SAP for Retail, SAP CRM and SAP mobile solutions practice in North America.

In order to stay in the lead, /N SPRO makes the investments needed to be “first on the first wave” of new SAP product innovation / acquisition. In 2010, investments were made to setup a practice for sustainability, in 2011 other investments on the Sybase SUP and Afaria solutions, and in 2012 investments to setup a SuccessFactors  and Retail practices are yet again a testament of an organization that wants to stay a true leader in its industry.

/N SPRO’S Knowledge Center

/N SPRO Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center, accessible through the /N SPRO website, has various resources available as learning materials. From dozens of white papers written by some of the most influential opinion leaders from the HCM and Retail industry, to live webinar recordings and solutions demos available for view at the convenience of your of schedule.