/N SPRO Named in 25 Most Promising SAP Support & Services Providers for 2015

/N SPRO Named in 25 Most Promising SAP Support & Services Providers for 2015 featured image

/N SPRO has been named as one of OutSourcing Gazette’s 25 most Promising SAP Support & Services Providers for 2015.

As one of the largest multinational software companies in the world, SAP provides a broad spectrum of enterprise software solutions to organizations of all sizes across the globe. With a product offering spanning 37+ business solutions, 11+ industry solutions, 4 distinct platforms/frameworks and 8 other proprietary technologies, it can be daunting to even begin to understand what the SAP offering is, let alone how SAP solutions can improve your business. When you factor in the complex structure of most enterprise systems as well as the functional and technical configuration requirements, the benefit of engaging consulting firms that specialize in helping companies succeed with these technologies becomes clear. One such company specializing in SAP HCM and Retail solutions is Montreal, QC & Stamford, CT based /N SPRO.
/N SPRO was founded in 2003 after co-founders Luc Hédou and John Sanderson, current HCM president and EVP respectively, identified a niche opportunity in the market surrounding the implementation and support of SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. In the time since inception, the company has grown around the principle of being “specialists, not generalists”, expanding the HCM practice in a focused manner beyond the original On-premise SAP HCM solution offering to specialize in SAP Success Factors Cloud HCM, hybrid SAP ERP HCM and Success Factors deployments, as well as building innovative product extensions and mobile applications for the SAP HCM solutions.
With the acquisition of Dey Fischer in 2011,/N SPRO Retail was created as a second specialized division focusing on SAP Retail & Wholesale solutions, headed up by Retail President Steve Hatcher. The Retail and Wholesale services offered by /N SPRO Retail include SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR), Fashion Management Solution (FMS), SAP Campaign Management Solution, SAP Forecasting & Replenishment (F&R) and mobile solutions which enable clients to gain and execute actionable insights in a highly competitive industry. “At /N SPRO, all of our service offerings have been created to fill a gap in the marketplace, where our subject matter experts provide both technical and functional expertise in these SAP focused solution areas,” says Hédou.
Beyond Retail & HCM implementation-specific offerings, the company also provides business consulting services, custom extension or mobile development on the innovative SAP HANA Cloud Platform, as well as a customizable service desk offering to support clients post go-live. /N SPRO provides clients with customized post implementation sustainment services, including incident management, application improvement, SAP / SF Guidance, continuous training, development services and small evolution/improvement projects. This end-to-end approach enables /N SPRO to provide highly specialized services in the HCM & Retail spaces, while supporting clients across 35 countries at all stages of the customer and project lifecycle.