Customer Success Story: Project ENECO

Created on June 14, 2016
Last updated on September 19th, 2022 at 2:11 pm by Asia Gelker

Eneco, one of the largest producers and suppliers of natural gas, electricity and heat in the Netherlands, serving more than 2 million business and residential customers, has successfully completed a plant take-over & SAP EAM implementation project at their Utrecht plant.


STAN DE RANITS, Manager Market Development Eneco

“Eneco took over the production department in Utrecht for two reasons: firstly, to guarantee security of deliverance for our clients; secondly to create sustainability in the heating production in Utrecht, which works best if we keep the entire chain under one roof. Crucial to this take-over was the fact that from the moment the plants were placed under Eneco, we had full control. Meaning we could control the plant from here in Rotterdam.”


JOOST BOODE, Manager IT Asset Management Eneco

“We had to implement a basis asset management system in ten month’s time, completely fitted to the Heating Plant in Utrecht. The plant is an important asset for Eneco. The basis asset management system also had to be suitable for other Eneco assets, such as windmills and so forth, in ten month’s time. Which is a very short time period. We also chose to do this with an Agile method, because this is something we wish to capacitance as Eneco the energy company. Besides that, all relevant data from the old systems had to be migrated to the new system. So that was also a part of the scope of the whole project.”


MARIO ROOVERS, Senior Project Leader – IT Asset Management Eneco

“The project was a success, mainly because of two important elements. One: Agile. We implemented Agile, which is a big help in good communications between business and IT. The second important element is the team. A professional team that can work together, but that also has a lot of commitment and knowledge within their field.”


HAROLD KOEKKOEK, Plant Manager Eneco Heating Utrecht

“SAP is the heart of a unit, or even better: the heart of asset management. All activities that are needed to let a unit achieve in SAP. All disruptions, all preventive maintenance activities are registered and managed in SAP. SAP gives insight to what we need to do, when we need  to do it which gives us better control.”

MARTI TIMS, Asset Management Eneco heating Utrecht

“The company that was in control before had a manual where a lot of customization was missing. We’re now back at SAP base functionality where we create a similar manual, which better suits the wishes of the employees. It becomes simpler, yet more accessible.”



“We’re going to use the SAME template for the asset management of our unmanned heating plants as well. With a few minor adjustments in the system, we can work in a similar fashion as our colleagues in Utrecht. Even though the plants and organizations are different. The system gives us plenty of freedom to still work how we usually work, and it works so well that, besides the heating plants, we’re going to use the system for the PR of our Dutch solar projects.”


STAN DE RANITS, Manager Market Development Eneco

“Looking back, we can conclude that the project went extremely well. Initially, we reserved a year to implement the SAP management system. In the end it took only nine months, and that’s a great compliment for anyone who was involved. We worked together great, and have a terrific result.”

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