Highlights from MasteringSAP EAM 2022

Created on January 16, 2023
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MasteringSAP EAM is a conference for practitioners and decision-makers working in asset management and supply chains. 600+ people come together for two days to enjoy over 40 hours of content and celebrate the talent, innovation and ideas transforming the way we work.

Some highlights of the 2022 event include:

Fast Cures

Rizing Marketing Manager Sayn Si attended the event and observed:

  • People wanted low-hanging fruit to apply immediately rather than long, involved lectures. They want fast cures. And real-world examples. People interacted more in sessions that included case studies and war stories.
  • Asset Management is not enough. Asset Lifecycle Management with smart and predictable assets is the key.
  • Companies still struggle with EAM basics despite the hype of innovation and technological advancement.
  • Master Data governance and migration from SAP ECC to S4 are challenging for many companies.
  • People, the right technology to apply, and change management remain key to adopting innovation.

Unrealized Potential

Rizing Business Development Manager Marty Trembath says:

The Rizing booth was buzzing with plenty of great discussions with common themes including:

We have the tools but aren’t using them to their full potential

Many delegates were excited to hear what’s possible and were blown away by the innovative ideas and topics of the sessions. However, they aren’t getting full use of the systems they already have, so how do they move forward? SAP process and best practice training are in hot demand.

How do I get my field crews off paper when they are working out of signal?

Rizing had our mobile solution Hydrogen on display and demos ran non-stop during the two-day conference. Customers were keen to see what a modern, powerful but simple mobility device is capable of. They appreciated how Hydrogen’s dynamic forms can digitally model their existing paper-based forms and improve the entire data collection process.

EAM Interest

Rizing APAC Business Development Director David Harrison says:

On the EAM side, there was significant interest in SAP S/4HANA® transformation, mobile solutions and getting the master data right.

Hello Cobalt

At the Mastering SAP event, Rizing saw considerable interest in Cobalt, our upcoming CapEx related, SAP BTP-based product.

What is it?

Cobalt in Brief

Marty Trembath provides a short summary:

Rizing’s Cobalt helps bridge the gap between investment planning, capital projects, asset construction and master data creation through to commissioning and asset management.

Cobalt in Detail

Rizing Solution Architect and Cobalt Product Owner John Dwyer provides greater detail:

CapEx processes in asset-intensive industries are complex and range from ad-hoc asset replacements in short-term timeframes to long-term projects starting at the portfolio level.

There is no single SAP solution for asset design and estimation across these timeframes and scenarios. Custom solutions are often developed in organizations to handle requirements including:

  • Design versions
  • Evaluation of alternative designs
  • Interaction with multiple different SAP objects over diverse timeframes

To simplify this operational and technical complexity, Rizing’s Cobalt provides a single, complete design and estimation solution. It eliminates the inconsistent approaches and business process discontinuities found in the standard solutions, eliminating the need for extensive enhancements.

Rizing’s Cobalt delivers functionality built on SAP BTP that:

  • Generates planning in SAP PPM items and SAP Projects
  • Creates planned SAP Work Orders for construction
  • Constructs the asset hierarchies of SAP Functional Locations and Equipment
  • Interacts with third-party asset investment planning and design tools

Cobalt promises to be valuable and applicable to any asset-intensive industry. We expect to release it publicly in late 2023, but if you have an immediate need please contact us.

Event Photos

Rizing Senior Vice President, EAM Global Client Executive Crawford Owens shares how Occupational Change Management played a part in Cleco’s successful S4/HANA transformation.


Rizing’s MasteringSAP Booth.


Aksel Tuna, Rizing Professional Services Manager, and Siew Wei Goh, Rizing Geospatial Services Manager, demonstrate Rizing’s Mercury product.


Maria Granjo, Rizing Professional Services Manager, Aksel Tuna, Rizing Professional Services Manager, and Hedley Norrish, Rizing Business Development Director moderate a discussion for the SAP Mining Special Interest Group.


Ava Shabani, Rizing Professional Services Manager, demonstrates a phase model for the maintenance process.


Rizing conducts an SAP Signavio demo.


David Harrison, Rizing EAM Business Development Director demonstrates SAP Analytics Cloud.


John Dwyer, Rizing Solution Architect and Tim McLain, Missing Link Supply Solutions COO present How Good Planning Delivers for Both EAM and Supply Chain.


Disclosure: Rizing was a Premier Partner Sponsor of the 2022 MasteringSAP EAM conference.

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