Jan Hein Hoogendoorn Will Conduct a Workshop with SAP at Int’l Asset Management Conference in Dusseldorf

Created on October 1, 2015
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jan-heimBest-Practices SAP Multiresource Scheduling for Enterprise Asset Management Workshop

Together with Pieter van Daal (SAP) I will take you through the functionality of SAP Multi Resource Scheduling with a focus on MRS in the Maintenance Environment.
Key elements will be:
– Optimize the output of your employees using MRS
– New functionality in MRS version 10.0 and
– Requirements to benefit from the Scheduling functionality of SAP MRS

We will take you through scheduling scenario’s in the SAP system in workshop format so you are invited to challenge us with your questions, scenario’s and any concerns you might have in embedding SAP MRS in your organization.

What are the key requirements to get SAP MRS up and running in your organization?

For any Scheduling tool it is important to have properly planned work orders. Make sure the work, duration and number of resources required is entered in your order operations.

A proper status tracking is another requirement: When is an order ready to schedule? How do you recognize this and who is responsible for an order in which phase of its lifecycle?

Then SAP MRS comes into play to assign the right resources based on availability, qualifications and other dependencies. Use MRS to level the demands for a mid-term scheduling period over work centers and assign short term demands to individual resources.

Join Jan Hein Hoogendoorn in Dusseldorf at this year’s International SAP Conference on Asset Management taking place October 5th-6th.

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