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Rizing to Demonstrate GIS/SAP Integration at the 2021 SAP for Utilities Conference

Created on August 30, 2021
Last updated on December 7th, 2023 at 8:56 am by Rizing Staff

Traceable, verifiable, and complete data is crucial for utilities. Attend the 2021 SAP® for Utilities Conference and see how Rizing’s SAP-Certified Mercury tool (available in the SAP Store) helps ensure data integrity and reduces double-entry between integrated GIS and SAP systems. Utilities can leverage geospatially-rich data to build more efficient workflows for risk mitigation and disaster response.



Think tailfins. Perry Mason. Little Richard. Hula hoops.


In a Hammond, Indiana Times newspaper article, US Army Specialist Third Class William Mellin provided the first recorded use of an acronym and phrase that’s become ubiquitous to knowledge workers globally.


Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Defining the phrase for the press, “Electronic Computer Programmer” Mellin said “If the problem has been sloppily programmed the answer will be just as incorrect.”

Here in 2021, it’s no different.

“I’ve worked with SAP over 25 years,” says Rizing’s Ed Hudak, EAM Solution Architect. “Whether it’s Production Planning, Quality Management, or Enterprise Asset Management, SAP is really, really good when the data is good.”

So, how do you make sure you keep the garbage out?

Rizing to present on GIS for Utilities

Getting good data is one of the foundational benefits that Ed’s presentation at the 2021 SAP for Utilities will demonstrate.

Entitled “Utilities and the Geospatially-Enabled Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Lifecycle,” Ed will show how distribution and transmission utilities can benefit from innovative and geospatially-centric business processes built with SAP technology.

The focal point of his demonstration will be Rizing’s Mercury, which is a robust synchronization product used to integrate and synchronize asset data between an organization’s SAP and GIS environments.

Key takeaways from Ed’s talk will include:

  • How to have good data by eliminating data silos, doing away with redundant data entry, and establishing a comprehensive system of record
  • Why integrating SAP and GIS technology solutions will allow you to maximize the use of corporate assets
  • How a geospatially-enabled business can enjoy a more efficient field workforce

GIS integrations are one of the trends that Rizing sees in the Utilities market.

“We see more and more utilities finally understanding the value of integrated asset data across multiple systems,” says Matt Bowman, Vice President, Business Development, Enterprise Asset Management at Rizing. “There’s a moment when they realize they should stop working in two separate systems and integrate those two solutions instead.”

Large scale outages

“Perhaps the biggest challenge that utilities are dealing with at present are more frequent large scale events that impact service,” says Bowman. “Right now, New Orleans will be dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida for weeks if not months. There are nearly unprecedented fires burning out west. As these large-scale events become more prevalent, utilities will be continuously challenged to provide a consistent level of service for their customers.”

Data mitigates risk

Bowman sees an opportunity for Ed Hudak’s conference presentation to help utilities mitigate some of the large-scale event risk they might have.

“For example, if a utility knows they have overhead equipment that requires a certain distance between it and any vegetation, they can use the combination of SAP and GIS data to help mitigate that wildfire risk,” he said. “Drone, imagery and location information can be captured and then loaded into an integrated GIS and SAP solution. From there they could generate a set of prioritized work orders for maintenance crews to get out and trim the vegetation in high risk areas.”

Overall, Bowman agrees with Ed Hudak.

And William Mellin.

With system integrations of this nature, it’s all about the data.

“To be of the most value to the utility the data needs to be traceable, verifiable, and complete,” he says.

Rizing leadership in the Utilities market

Bowman is proud of Rizing’s relationship with SAP.

“We work closely with SAP to show the value of solutions specific to the utilities industry,” he said. “Whether that’s our own product Mercury, or SAP’s Geo-Enablement Framework, Compatible Units or Project Portfolio Management, we know these solutions forwards and backwards. It’s our bread and butter. SAP knows it and will often call upon us to demonstrate that value to the customer.”

SAP for Utilities Conference Details


Sponsored by Rizing, the SAP for Utilities conference is the annual go-to event that unites over 1,000 utilities professionals from across North America and the globe.

Where and When

The SAP for Utilities 2021 event will take place in San Diego, California, USA on October 17-19. The conference is currently planning to offer a hybrid event – attend in person or virtually.

Conference Topics

In addition to Ed Hudak’s presentation, other topics will include:

  • Adopting SAP S/4HANA
  • Maximizing on your investment once live
  • Enhancing your field service management team with technology
  • Creating an innovative asset management strategy
  • And much more

For the full conference agenda or to register, visit the SAP for Utilities conference website.

For more on how Rizing works with Utilities, contact our Utilities experts.

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