Roundtable Discussion: Location Matters – Geospatial Data and SAP

, Created on September 12, 2022
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Rizing’s Noel Fagan, EAM CEO, and Anders Nelson, Director, Professional Services, are hosting a Geospatial Data and SAP discussion at the upcoming Western Regional Roundtable for California state and local government leaders. The event occurs on Sept 21, 2022, in Sacramento, California.

Realtors know it.

Photographers know it.

Film directors know it.

And increasingly, asset-rich organizations know it.

Location matters.

Adding location data to other business intelligence allows organizations to answer questions they couldn’t answer before.

Questions like:

  • Where am I allocating capital resources over the next five years?
  • Are there places where people are less likely to pay their bills?
  • Where do we spend the most time doing maintenance?

Answering the where helps answer the why.

Once you have the why, solutions appear.

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At the upcoming Western Regional Roundtable for California State and Local Government Leaders, Rizing’s EAM CEO, Noel Fagan, and Director of Professional Services, Anders Nelson will lead a discussion entitled:

Location Matters – Geospatial Data and SAP
Everything is on GIS today, and GIS can change how you process operational data, save time, and optimize processes. Discover how SAP®, ESRI®, and Rizing can transform your business with GIS technology.

Other discussions at the event will cover how to use SAP technologies to improve the delivery of digital services, budgeting, HR modernization, and more.

Event Date:
Wednesday, Sept 21, 2022
8:00 am – 2:30 pm PT

Event Venue:
Kimpton Sawyer Hotel
500 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

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