SAP: Future-Proofing Transportation Infrastructure Management

Created on September 21, 2021
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Future-proofing — the act of designing a product, service or technology that will not need to be significantly updated as technology advances.

How do you future-proof transportation? Maybe self-driving cars or drones?

For cargo and freight carriers, public transit, rail service and state departments of transportation, the answer may not as visible or trendy. Future-proofing may involve updating core systems to be cloud-based, improving regulatory compliance, or increasing product traceability.

Transportation infrastructures are mission-critical in keeping our work and home lives running smoothly. Efforts to build on, grow and maintain an already-aging infrastructure face many challenges.

At an upcoming SAP® webinar, Noel Fagan, CEO at Rizing EAM, along with other industry experts will discuss how digitization and information technology will be important factors in overcoming those challenges.


Future-Proofing Transportation Infrastructure Management, a LinkedIn Live Event organized by SAP.


  • Noel Fagan, CEO at Rizing EAM
  • Bob Evans, Creator of Cloud Wars
  • Johann Schachtner, Transportation Asset Management Solution Manager, SAP
  • David Penninger, IT Program Management Director, Houston Metro Transit


October 13th, 2021 4:00 ET.

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