Busting 3 HR Modernization Myths

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Across industries, more and more businesses are using tools like the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure both customer and employee satisfaction. When employees are happy and engaged, productivity gets a boost and costly staff turnover is reduced. No wonder so many leaders are on a quest to improve the employee experience.

Start your quest by assessing the tools and technologies your teams use. If you’re still using Excel to manage HR systems and processes, it might be time to modernize. In fact, HR technologies have been found to boost employee satisfaction. 53% of employees say that digital tools make them more successful and 42% say technology boosts morale.

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Modern HR tools empower employees to self-serve and free up your HR team’s time to become more strategic advisers. However, on your quest to replace Excel with these tools you may need to overcome some myths about modernization.

Let’s look at three of the most common.

Myths about modernization

1. “It’s not worth it”

Despite all the benefits, it can be hard for some HR organizations to sell the value of modern HR technologies to the holders of the purse strings. They may think the HR function is humming along fine and can’t justify changing from a spreadsheet to a cloud-based system.

So answer financial concerns with financial data.

Take something simple like a leave application form. Calculate how much time employees spend finding, filling out, and sharing the form. Then add the time it takes for HR to respond. Do the same for other HR forms and processes. Multiply the total time by your employee base pay.

Now you have a dollar amount that represents what a modern HR solution could save the company. Make sure to also point out how people’s time can be refocused into productive, value-added work.

2. “It’s too hard or complex”

Another mythical barrier to modernization is the perceived effort involved. Leaders may voice concerns about how hard or how long it would take to replace existing systems.

Today’s HR solutions are actually easy to implement and end up lessening the burden on IT.

For example, when we help organizations implement Synchrony People, the solution doesn’t need to be configured or built from scratch. About 80% of the solution is ready to go right out of the box, with only a small amount of customization required to meet your specific needs (like legislative requirements or compliance issues). Organizations can be up and running with a powerful, modern solution in a matter of months.

3. “We could lose our jobs”

It’s common for HR teams to voice concerns about tech tools taking their jobs. Right up to management level, HR employees can feel threatened by the notion of modernization.

Yet, the opposite is true. By modernizing HR systems, HR teams are empowered to do more strategic, value-adding work. Freed from the shackles of admin and data entry, they can work with the broader business to improve productivity. Or they could engage with employees across departments to improve wellbeing and the employee experience.

A modernized HR system makes your HR team’s work more fulfilling. It also delivers wider results for the business.

To learn more about how Rizing and Synchrony People can help you overcome the myths of modernizing your HR systems, get in touch today.

Learn more about keeping employees engaged at work in our ebook