Vesta Partners provides its customers with industry best practices in business process, brought to life through proven Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) technology applications. Vesta’s mission is to deliver the highest quality, most efficient maintenance process and technology consulting solutions to our clients. Our real world experiences and practical solutions deliver results that directly translate into efficiency improvements and real cost savings.

Headquartered in the United States with offices in North America, Europe Middle East, and Asia Pacific, Vesta is an SAP Services and a Select Consulting Partner focused on delivering measurable results in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). We help our customers build solid business practices that are enabled by the right technology applications.



Our offices may be found around the world. But Vesta is not defined by an accent or time zone. What’s the same is our resolve. Our understanding of our client’s business. And SAP.

We are not a startup, but we behave like one. Have the energy like one. What we do speaks so loudly you cannot hear what we say. We prefer to speak in deeds. Heads down, shirt sleeves up.

The best don’t learn what they know in a book. They’re too busy writing it. And rewriting it. Passing on what to do. And what not to do. It’s about sharing ideas and perspectives across the table, and across oceans. It’s realizing that businesses everywhere all have similar challenges. But the solutions are not all the same.

We are Vesta, a category of one. And we will spend each day making sure it stays that way.