PM: How Far Do You Want To Go

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The individual technologies used in predictive maintenance (PDM) have broad application in plants and facilities.
The three most common ones

  • Vibration analysis
  • Thermography
  • Oil analysis

Typically, vibration analysis is used to detect wear in rotating equipment. Thermography is used to detect loose connections or hot spots in electrical equipment. And oil analysis has at least two uses — to determine the condition of a lubricant and to examine the wear particles contained in the lubricant to determine the wear rate of the components in the system. When used to determine the relative condition of the equipment being lubricated, it is often referred to as “wear-particle analysis.” In addition to these technologies, there are others such as ultrasound that can be used to isolate air leaks, steam leaks, defective fluid power components, and other problems.

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PM: How Far Do You Want To Go