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Vesta Partners provides its customers with industry best practices in business process, brought to life through proven Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) technology applications. Vesta’s mission is to deliver the highest quality, most efficient maintenance process and technology consulting solutions to our clients.

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/N SPRO is a full service consulting firm, supporting customer IT requirements from pre-project strategy and planning, to project execution and post-project optimization. /N SPRO’s mission is to innovate, lead and be first to market in HR, Retail, Mobility, CRM and sustainability solutions.

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“As an  SAP Services and Select Consulting Partner, Vesta has the depth and experience to meet all of your SAP EAM needs. Through our propriety methodology, Vesta’s services and products can address your industry specific needs as well as meet your unique business requirements.Vesta consists of a talented and experienced team of consultants to meet the specific and unique challenges presented by the various industries. Our in-depth knowledge and SAP EAM expertise help us meet the needs of the most important industry out there – yours!”
“We are trusted advisors to companies regardless of size or industry through our high level of expertise and unique approach.  We provide  Implementation Services for a variety of solutions such as SAP ERP, SAP ERP HCM, SuccessFactors BizX Suite,  SAP and SuccessFactors mobile solutions, as well as specific industry solutions such as the SAP for Retail solution suite/N SPRO is also a Lighthouse Partner for most emerging solutions supporting the Retail industry, including the Customer Activity Repository (CAR), Promotions Management for Retail (PMR) and Forecasting & Replenishment (F&R). “