Planning and
Scoping Services

Like phone a friend, but for HR.

HR Planning and Scoping Are Essential
For a Thriving Organization

Let us be that “expert friend” you can all for help navigating the complexities of HR planning. From workforce analysis, talent acquisition, performance management, and organizational design, we can ensure your workforce is ready for today and tomorrow.

Business Case Support

Our HR Business Case Support service is a vital component of data-driven decision-making in your organization. We help you confidently evaluate the potential success of your projects. This ensures the wise allocation of resources and aligns your efforts to your goals.

Business Process Design
  • Our experts help you identify gaps between current and future states. We’ll then partner to:
  • Create business processes and documentation that provides an overview of process activities and tasks
  • Presents the solution in depth
  • Demonstrates understanding of project requirements
  • Enables process alignment with industry best practices
  • Allows HR specialists to identify areas of improvement
Change Management and Strategic Consulting

Implementing a change management strategy helps your team meet project objectives. Rizing’s Change Enablement Toolkit and consultants provide what you need to support change management activities, equip your organization with a plan for a smooth transition from current state to future state, and foster stronger system acceptance and higher user adoption.

This improves morale, productivity, quality of work, and key performer retention. It also allows you to train stakeholders using methods that suit their learning styles.

Solution Selection & Road Mapping

Conquer HR challenges and align your HR practices and technologies with your goals. Select appropriate HR technologies, practices, and initiatives and create an implementation roadmap. This process fosters collaboration among HR experts, organizational leaders, and key stakeholders, propelling positive change and workforce enhancement.

Why Partner with Rizing?

Expertise: Rizing HCM has partnered with dozens of organizations in multiple industries to implement SAP SuccessFactors successfully.

Tailored Solutions: Every organization is unique. Rizing HCM works with you to fit SAP SuccessFactors to your needs and goals like a glove.

Comprehensive Support: From initial consultation to post-implementation support, Rizing HCM is by your side every step of the way. We ensure that you see the benefits of SAP SuccessFactors long after implementation.

Proven Results: Rizing HCM has a track record of delivering measurable results. Our clients have seen improved employee engagement, talent acquisition, and HR efficiency thanks to our SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

Global Reach: Whether you operate locally or globally, Rizing HCM has the expertise and resources to support your SAP SuccessFactors implementation.

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