Asset Planning and Deployment

Plan, estimate, and execute capital projects.

Improve your asset planning and deployment using solutions from SAP and the SAP partner ecosystem, installed and configured by Rizing experts. Our offerings are tailored to help your organization realize maximum value from your assets, aligning with your strategic growth objectives.

Embrace a new era of asset management using our comprehensive tools to optimize asset performance, effectively manage costs, and mitigate risks across the entire asset lifecycle:


Why Choose Rizing and SAP for Asset Planning?

  • Integrated Solutions: Native SAP integrated with SAP partner solutions cover most of the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) functionality traditionally provided by disparate, specialized systems.
  • Strategic Asset Management Planning: Align your asset management strategies with organizational goals, creating a clear roadmap for asset performance and investment.
  • Lifecycle Management Excellence: From commissioning new assets to modifying existing ones, precisely manage every stage for value and performance.
  • Optimized Capital Expenditures: Plan and control your capital investments with agility, ensuring optimal allocation of resources for maximum return on investment.
  • Risk and Performance Balance: Balance asset performance, costs, and risk using our tools to find the optimal solution to meet your business needs.
  • SAP S/4HANA Integration: Use SAP S/4HANA as your digital core and enhance asset management with SAP PPM, SAP Project System, and SAP Plant Maintenance for seamless capital project management and asset operation transitions.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximize Asset Value: Ensure that every asset in your portfolio contributes to your organization’s objectives, maximizing value and performance.
  • Strategic Alignment: Translate organizational goals into actionable asset management objectives, ensuring every asset operates in alignment with your broader business strategy.
  • Enhanced Decision Making: With our solutions, make informed decisions balancing asset performance, cost, and risk, optimizing your asset portfolio for strategic advantage.
  • Agile Capital Planning: Respond quickly to changing market conditions and strategic priorities with agile capital expenditure planning and execution.
  • End-to-End Lifecycle Management: Benefit from a holistic approach to asset management, covering every stage of the asset lifecycle with integrated SAP solutions.

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