Maintenance Execution

Maximize asset uptime and performance.

Your maintenance technicians can be productive anytime, anywhere, on any connected device.

In a perfect world, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for asset intensive industries like Utilities, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Pharmaceuticals, and Manufacturing would be straightforward.

  • ŸTechnicians would maintain assets to deliver peak performance 24/7 with only planned downtimes for required service intervals.
  • Workforces would have defined work orders, safety plans, and all other resources needed to perform their tasks.
  • Work schedules would provide efficient travel routes between assets, helping you achieve green priorities and reduce costs.
  • Spare parts and resources would be readily available, minimally redundant, sourced in a carbon-friendly manner, and kept in eco-friendly storage.
  • Technicians would use quality scheduling tools to keep a backlogs down, providing capacity for emergencies or corrective maintenance events.
  • Planners could report on all operations consistently and according to ISO 55000 and regulatory obligations.

World-Class Mobile Maintenance Execution is Possible Today

The challenge is achieving current industry-standard maintenance operations while understanding how innovations may impact your operations.

We’ve been working with customers using SAP EAM in asset-intensive industries for over 18 years. Many of our customers experience pain from approaching maintenance as “firefighting” rather than prevention.

Frequently, those clients haven’t realized the ROI from a previous workforce automation project. Reasons include:

  1. Was the project scope appropriate? Consulting with Rizing early to establish the nature and scope of your project will save time and effort later.
  2. Did the budget allow for full realization of standard capabilities? We prioritize getting the basics right. The foundations of your EAM strategy and system are the first step to long-term benefit realization.
  3. Was the workforce represented in the planning phase? Involving all key participants early in a project improves user adoption.
  4. Was the chosen solution significantly modified? Rizing adopts a “fit to standard” approach. Why? Because most asset intensive industries have one aim, to derive value from their assets while maintaining them safely and cost-effectively. The architecture of the SAP EAM platform achieves this goal, often requiring only a few amendments to meet standard and best working practices.

Rizing uses SAP EAM tools to increase asset management efficiency and decrease maintenance spending.


Provides a modern, coherent user experience across your role-based apps.

SAP Field Service Management

Provides a proactive service experience that boosts customer satisfaction. Streamlines processes for order scheduling and dispatch in a real-time environment.

SAP Service and Asset Manager

Provides online and offline access to asset data, which helps you execute enterprise asset and service management processes quickly.

Intelligent asset management addresses issues that lower your return on assets and increase risks.

Issues That Lower ROI

  • Workforce and resource capacities aren’t efficiently planned and used
  • ŸInconsistent and incorrect master data leads to inefficient planning
  • Manual processes lead to scheduling and reporting delays
  • Unplanned corrective maintenance tasks cause schedule delays
  • Analytics and reporting don’t reflect true asset performance
  • Workforce lacks sufficient training on current systems

Your Maintenance Execution: Freshened Up and Ready for Inspection

With Rizing-configured SAP maintenance management, you can cover the complete scope of work management. Rizing will review your maintenance execution processes, recommend improvements using modern SAP solutions, and demonstrate how complementary solutions from Rizing can improve your operations.


How is maintenance work generated?

  • Reactive maintenance – work requests
  • ŸProactive maintenance
  • ŸImprovement maintenance
  • ŸOperational and overhead maintenance
  • Condition monitoring
  • IoT/predictive monitoring
Planning and Orchestration

How do you prioritize and prepare work packages and monitor order readiness?

  • Maintenance process phases
  • ŸScreen maintenance requests and backlog
  • ŸRisk-based event prioritization
  • ŸGroup work based on scope or time
  • Approval and preparation
Schedule and Dispatch

How do you manage capacity, utilization, and optimization of resources?

  • Ÿ Manage work center utilization
  • Ÿ Maintain flexible schedule periods
  • Ÿ Monitor non-working times
  • Ÿ Must-start on constraints and last acceptable completion
  • Ÿ Share and collaborate on schedules
  • Ÿ Monitor schedule attainment
Execute and Close

How do we perform work quickly, correctly, and safely?

  • ŸProcess all work types
  • ŸLeverage work instructions
  • ŸCapture work history, failure modes, labor time, and materials consumed
  • Work permits
  • Mobile-enabled processes for offline execution
Analyze and Improve

How can we improve strategies, costs, and equipment uptime?

  • Analyze MTTR and MTBF
  • ŸIdentify bad actors and common failures
  • ŸMonitor costs – baseline, planned, and actual

Are You Using SAP’s Latest?

Maintenance management – scheduling, dispatching, execution, and reporting is a major part of the SAP digital core, whether your asset management processes run on SAP ERP (ECC) or SAP S/4HANA.

SAP EAM is now enhanced with applications deployed on SAP’s Business Transformation Platform (BTP) in the cloud, seamlessly integrating with the digital core.

BTP moves your core functionality forward with mobile applications, a simplified user experience, predictive analytics, workflows, integrations, and tailored solutions to benefit your unique business needs.

SAP S/4HANA’s Improved User Experience for Intelligent Asset Management

A better user experience helps your workforce be more successful.

SAP Fiori Apps included in SAP S/4HANA simplify resource scheduling, resulting in increased compliance, lower risk, and optimal asset performance.

Rizing Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a cost-effective, device-agnostic solution with simple architecture, no middleware, quick time to value, and low support costs. Improve asset reliability and labor productivity with Hydrogen’s ability to:

  • Work online or offline
  • Capture issues
  • Update order statuses immediately
  • Improve asset reliability
  • Eliminate paper-based work
  • Simplify work orders, notifications, operator rounds, and material management

Talk to a Rizing EAM Maintenance Expert

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