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Deliver the best experience to your consumers while building an intelligent, sustainable business.

Rizing has an expert team of merchandisers, operators, innovators, and marketers who understand technology and retail. Our teams help you build and optimize everything from business process engineering and strategic implementation to change management. Plus, we’re there to support you through the entire process, start to post go live.

Focused on SAP Consumer Industries

Rizing experts don’t just know SAP Consumer Industries software; we know retail, fashion, wholesale distribution, and consumer products. Plus, we have first-hand experience enabling your industry capabilities with SAP technology.

Rizing and attune: SAP technology expertise for retail, fashion, wholesale and consumer products manufacturing

attune, a trusted SAP Solutions provider to the fashion industry, is now part of Rizing. Now we’re a fashion industry powerhouse ready to partner with you.

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Customer success is our success

Rizing helps you succeed with its dedication to excellence and innovation. Because your success is our goal, we act as advocates and trusted advisors to ensure we enable fruitful completion of each project.

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