Mobile LiDAR Acquisition and Feature Extraction

Obtain survey-grade LiDAR point clouds and high-resolution imagery with Rizing’s mobile mapping services. Rizing offers comprehensive and accurate mobile LiDAR data acquisition, processing, and feature extraction services for traditional survey and asset inventory projects. Our state-of-the-art mobile mapping technology includes the Leica Pegasus: Two Ultimate to capture high-resolution point clouds and 360-degree, georeferenced color spherical imagery.

Mobile LiDAR

Service benefits

  • Highly accurate point clouds with integrated 360-degree image capture at prevailing highway speeds
  • Routine collection of up to 60 miles each day; video logs and point clouds processed within 24 hours
  • Extracted features and legacy geospatial databases displayed in the same environment
  • Synchronized point clouds and video log display alongside extracted assets in Rizing’s Road Analyzer
  • Industry-leading feature extraction software increases the speed and ease of asset and attribute production
  • Integration with asset management (AM) products allowing extracted data to be loaded into both GIS and AM environments

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