Business Technology Platform

SAP’s environment to create, extend and automate your solutions.

SAP recognizes that Rizing is an Expert in the Business Technology PlatformSAP® Business Technology Platform (BTP) is the foundation for all of SAP’s latest business applications. BTP provides an integrated suite of capabilities to help your organization get a faster start, simplify integration and deployment, and extend the value of your SAP investments.

Users, developers, and business process experts use BTP to access real-time business insights, implement mobile-ready enhancements to business processes, use artificial intelligence, and integrate with business partners.

The combination of ready-to-use services, tools and business content provide a unique combination to accelerate your move to the cloud.


  • Integrate with other applications
  • Connect with business partners
  • Provide data to regulators
  • Enable real-time data pipelines

Extension/App Development

  • Innovate and extend your core applications using the “Clean Core” paradigm
  • Develop using low-code or no-code environments
  • Automate test and deployment using DevOps

Data and Analytics

  • Establish a data-driven plan
  • Make data-driven decisions based on intelligent forecasts
  • Provide real-time business data to decision makers
  • Find anomalies in and contributing factors to KPIs
Change Management


  • Enable workflows and decision matrices
  • Automate manual, repetitive businesses processes
  • Use automation content packages to jump-start your efficiency gains

Artificial Intelligence

  • Use explainable artificial intelligence in your applications
  • Consume pre-trained business models to gain immediate value
  • Train custom business models


Rizing’s BTP experts can help you use the technology to quickly solve your business challenges


“Rizing provides the technical expertise to help you make use of the BTP to leverage the SAP investment that you’ve already made.” – Martin Stenzig, Rizing CTO

Take advantage of Rizing’s proven BTP experience:

BTP Development Partner

Rizing is one of only 16 SAP partners who have achieved EXPERT level competency to develop BTP solutions with them.

BTP Advisory Council

Rizing is a founding member of the SAP’s BTP advisory council, recommending future enhancements and guiding the overall development of the tool.

Real World Experience

We have years of real world experience in all pillars of the BTP, gained through developing custom applications for our clients and our own solutions.

BTP-based Products from Rizing

More than just implementors of one-time solutions, we’ve built our own commercial products on top of the SAP BTP.


Aggregate human capital and ERP data in a unified model and replace manual reporting with timely analytics that enable evidence-based decision making with Lyra.

SAP Store: Lyra

LMS Planner

Increase efficiency and reduce the efforts of training management processes with LMS Planner – a robust long-term planning and forecasting solution extension.

SAP Store: LMS Planner


Carbon rapidly synchronizes large transaction volumes between SAP and project planning systems, enabling quicker decision making and superior project transparency and performance.

SAP Store: Carbon


OmniSpatial provides easy-to-use GPS-enabled data collection that integrates with existing Esri map and feature services, including roads and highways and pipeline referencing extension linear referencing services. Omnispatial

LifeCycle Pricing

Rizing’s LifeCycle Pricing helps merchants make efficient, informed pricing decisions with an entire suite of retail pricing processes in one easy-to-reference location.

SAP Store: LifeCycle Pricing

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