Road Analyzer

Share data across your organization and provide access to local or state agencies.


Rizing Road Analyzer™ is the leading straight-line diagramming (SLD) solution in the transportation market. Road Analyzer dynamically displays location and business data using common linear referencing methods.

The customizable data display allows users to easily locate an area of interest and view multiple layers of point and linear features. Road Analyzer’s architecture allows for integration of associated maps, video logs, LiDAR point clouds, data editing, and other data analysis tools.

Many transportation agencies have implemented Road Analyzer as a part of larger LRS projects or as a standalone solution.

Multiple Route Selection Methods

  • Hierarchy: Find route sections of interest with a drill-down approach
  • Geography: Use GPS to find the routes close to you
  • Query Builder: Find routes of interest by querying layer attributes
  • Map: Select a route from the integrated map interface

Interactive Straight-line Diagramming

  • Stick Diagram and Bar Panel where point and linear features are clearly displayed
  • Displayed road attributes are user-configurable
  • Shareable templates can be saved, letting users display the features of interest to best suit their needs

Visualization of Asset Details

  • Configured to aggregate data to show trends and statistical information
  • The dashboard module provides coverage details for all the events in the current road extent

Integrated Road Video Viewer

  • View traditional video log sources and imagery or leverage video collected with Rizing’s mobile LiDAR systems
  • Validate asset inventories by ensuring features and events shown in the videos are also in the SLD database

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Redlining and Drawing Tools

  • Annotate and highlight areas of interest
  • Email redlined SLDs to other users using Road Analyzer’s notifications

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