Employee Experience Insights with Qualtrics

Are you equipped to respond to the future?

You cannot succeed without a focus on people. How do you know if they are engaged, have the right skills, and if their work and life are in balance to be productive? You learn by listening. That’s where Rizing Experience Insights (EXI) comes in.

Rizing EXI uses Qualtrics to listen to your employees’ experiences at the moment of impact with SAP SuccessFactors to seamlessly provide data points and data analysis of how your people and your organization perform.

Then we go one step deeper to understand the results and create an action plan to move you forward.

Real transformation. Informed. Measurable. Future-ready.

Employee Technology Experience

The ETX methodology, deployed on Qualtrics, leverages SAP ACTIVATE methodology to deploy listening points across the project lifecycle to selected audiences.

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Candidate Experience

The Candidate Experience program maximizes the value of your organization’s recruitment pipeline

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Lifecycle Quick Start

The Rizing QuickStart program launches your employee listening program with onboarding and exit surveys.

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Trust the Data

Positive experiences mean 3x more revenue per employee, 40% lower turnover than the average company, and 17% higher productivity per employee.

What makes Rizing’s Experience Insights unique?

Real. World. Experience.

Human Experience Management isn’t just something we learned in a book. We know HR.

We know SAP SuccessFactors because we use it ourselves and we listen to our 900+ customers worldwide. We help companies around the world optimize their Human Captial Management (HCM) solutions.

How can we help you?

Create the ideal workplace experience

Survey Strategy Toolkit

Leading practices and templates to help define your listening strategy.

Communications Toolkit

Leading practices and templates for communication designed to create awareness and impact participation.

Action Planning Toolkit

Leading practices and templates for helping leaders and managers maximize the action planning functionality.

Visualize Employee Experience results with advanced analytics from Lyra

Lyra is SAP Certified and available in the SAP App Center. It’s the only end-to-end analytics solution designed to harmonize historic legacy system data from multiple HR data solutions with top of stack from SAP SuccessFactors and marry that with experience data from Qualtrics for executive level review.

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