Manage work from the office or field.

Improve asset reliability and labor productivity with Hydrogen, a modern mobile application that supports maintenance activities in the field and in the office. Hydrogen works on all device types both on and offline. Use Hydrogen to simplify work orders, notifications, operator rounds, and material management.

Reduce errors with Hydrogen’s ability to capture issues, update order statuses immediately, improve asset reliability, and eliminate paper-based work. Run a cost-effective, device-agnostic solution with simple architecture, no required middleware, quick time to value, and low support costs.

Reduce errors

  • Capture issues when found
  • Update order status immediately
  • Improve asset reliability
  • Eliminate paper-based work

Lower cost of ownership

  • Simple architecture
  • No middleware required
  • Quick time-to-value
  • Device agnostic
  • Lower support costs

Flexible and user friendly

  • Role-based configuration
  • Only show the fields users need
  • Work on any device
  • Familiar UX


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Additional EAM functionality on the roadmap

  • Simple planning and scheduling
  • Custom forms
  • Operational reporting
  • Progressive web application

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