Real-time demand and capacity matching.

Lyra ICP on DWC ensures you have the right workforce skills available at the right time. Conduct gap analyses on retiring workforce and skill requirements; determine efficient asset utilization with smart peak demand and capacity planning; and integrate your existing HCM and EAM data.

Real-time demand and capacity insights

Lyra ICP integrates your Human Capital Management and Enterprise Asset Management system data, without having to re-engineer it, to enable capacity planning and efficient asset management.

Skills capacity assessment and matching

Lyra ICP allows you to make sure you have the right crew with the right skill set at the right location at the right time. It also helps identify the impact of an aging workforce to ensure transfer of skills and capability.

Cost optimization

Lyra ICP maximizes resource efficiency during planned or unplanned outages by having the right person with the necessary skills and competencies to optimize staffing from internal and contingent resources.

Gain unparalleled insight into employee performance and predict future outcomes with individual insights that display historical performance (financial, quality, on-time, etc.) and metrics (skills, learnings, performance).

See tangible ROI and save money by managing internal and external resourcing cost to skills; efficiently resourcing the rights skills at the right time; tracking cost of skills; and viewing job completion outcome statistics down to individual competencies.

Work within your existing system and avoid costly re-engineering: Lyra ICP plugs into your existing asset, work order, and human capital data so you can continue to work seamlessly.

Deploy the right assets at the correct time, obtain the analytic insights necessary to efficiently resource assets, and assure best possible outcomes (financial, on time, budget) by integrating your relevant asset, work order, and people data elements.


Deployed on SAP cloud platform (BTP): Lyra ICP deploys on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

Integrates with SAP cloud solutions: Lyra ICP integrates with SAP cloud solutions using standard SAP-approved interfaces and APIs

Software-as-a-Service: Lyra ICP is delivered online as a subscription service

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