Measuring your People Analytics Maturity with Rizing

Developing your people analytics capabilities is challenging – with limited time, money, and resources, it can be hard to know where to focus your efforts.

Rizing’s People Analytics Maturity Assessment (PAMA) is designed to help any company evaluate where they are on its people analytics journey. Whether you are just starting out or trying to figure out how you can create more of a competitive advantage using advanced analytics, our assessment takes a holistic approach to evaluate your People Analytics Capabilities.

You are:

An HR executive or people analytics leader looking to improve your return on investment from your people analytics and to have evidence to help build a business case for your next stage of development.

You’ll get:

A highly-personalized report outlining your people analytics maturity against Rizing’s People Analytics Maturity Model (PAMM) with over ten pages of analysis detailing your current capabilities, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and providing customized recommendations.

We will:

We’ll follow-up to help interpret your results and make sure you are on the right course to improve your corporate people analytics maturity.

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