Customer Activity Repository Applications Bundle

Providing retail businesses with reporting, analytics, and business planning.

SAP CAR and CARAB provide a foundation that combines:

  • A platform designed, developed, and optimized for the unique challenges presented by retail data
  • Customer activity stored at the most granular level
  • The in-memory, predictive power of SAP S/4HANA

This provides retailers with new, more timely insights into customer behavior. These applications are specifically designed to optimize the quality and timeliness of these insights.



Efficient storage, management, and use of granular customer sales data


Predictive functionality designed and optimized to fully harness customer data


Real-time analytics and scalable transaction processing on the same platform, eliminating the need to aggregate and store data specifically for analysis


Automated integration with ERP and other systems of record


Built-in analytical reporting models. New, easy-to-create analytical models offer additional analysis scenarios


Data volume management utilities that allow data to be archived, purged, or moved to systems that provide storage of “cold” and “warm” data

Rizing is the ideal team to guide retailers through CAR implementation. We have implemented SAP CAR and its applications for many of the world’s leading retailers. Plus, our close relationship with the SAP Retail IBU provides Rizing insight into current and future CAR functionality.

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